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New Single: Hearts Still Beating

Hey there,

I uploaded a new single called "Hearts Still Beating". It's about my heart surgery ... I figured that was definitely worth a song!

Monthly Update

Hey everyone!

Well I had a good run!

I was ranked #2 in Toronto, Canada for about 6 weeks! I'm now concentrating on recording a new song called "Hearts Still Beating". I uploaded an acoustic version of it a while back. The recording process is taking a while because I'm just learning my way around Pro Tools.

OK talk later and thanks again for everyones support! John

Valentine's Day

Well, I've been holding at the #2 position on the Mississauga charts for about a week now. So a big thanks to all my supporters out there! In honour of Valentines Day, I've uploaded a remixed version of "Sweet Valentine" as my default "demo" song. Give it a listen and I hope you enjoy it!


Chart Ranking: Local/National

Well, I made it all the way up to the #4 position in my local Mississauga ranking, and to #52 (out of about 800) in the national ranking for all of Canada. So I have to say that I'm pretty happy about that!

- John -

Second Blog Entry

Well, I'm currently ranked #27 in the Mississauga area, so we're making progress...which is nice.

My First Blog Entry

Well, I'm new on Reverb Nation but it looks like this site has amazing capabilities.

More later, John