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The One Year Mark

I thought it might be time to spill some more of my thoughts onto paper. I started this music project a year ago to the day (Dec. 16th,) and I have made a lot of progress in that time. I am constantly building my gear and software arsenal, and learning as much as I possibly can about the art of mixing and mastering my own music. There is a lot more that goes into it than I ever imagined. I am learning new techniques and things during and after I finish each of my songs, which means I am constantly putting out better sounding mixes for you to hear. It also means that as soon as I post a song I sometimes want to go back and edit to implement new ideas I have learned about mixing. But at some point you have to accept that the song is finished, and focus your efforts on the next track, with the goal of making every one better than the last; Which IS my goal. I plan to be even more focused in the coming year. Here’s to making even better music in 2014! Thank you all for your support! One a side note: My metal rendition of ‘Rudolph’ was almost complete as of a week ago when my files became corrupted. Thankfully it was the only song affected, but it’s still a bummer. :-/ So, unfortunately, I will not have time to devote to re-record this song before Christmas. So I will do ‘Rudolph’ and additionally, ‘Carol Of The Bells’ next Christmas.

A New Beginning

I have been playing guitar for as long as I can remember. My band has been split up for a few years now and I have finally decided to spend some time writing music again. I don't know where it will take me, nor do I have any other real goals for this, other than to better my recording skills and songwriting ability, but I hope I can put something out there that someone will enjoy as much I do.

I enjoy writing music again.