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VIA's 6 Months

Yo VIA Freaks!

Where to start? Since forming in April and putting up 'Closets' for a listen things have definitely exploded!

Here are some of things that have happened so far:

04.07.13 - Auditioned Evo (Eric Vobejda) and he hopped aboard.

04.20.13 - Released 'Closets' just a couple minutes before midnight

05.24.13 - Our debut live show @ Cause in Uptown Mpls. Very stellar draw of around 100+. Headliner.

06.14.13 - Open for our now buddies Suit and Tie Genocide and Mayberry Riot down in Rochester at the infamous Wicked Moose! Huge Stage!!!

06.17.13 - Drummer Matt (Matthew Kelly) resigns to pursue other things

06.29.13 - Drummer Ben (Benjamin Leff) hops aboard with less than 3 weeks before our debut CD / EP release @ Pourhouse but he is up for the challenge.

07.19.13 - Debut CD Release Party @ Pourhouse in Downtown Mpls. EP 'Acid' .. Ben does great! Draw is through the roof @ around 275+.

07.26.13 - Open for Smile Empty Soul in Eau Claire, Wisc @ Hipps Pub / Big Biker Bar and it's an honor to share the stage with them! They ROCK!!! Draw is 200+ but it's packed!

08.17.13 - Open for our buddies La Madness @ Fine Line in Downtown Mpls. One of our favorite bars of all time! Draw is 200+.

08.25.13 - VIA's on the Radio! Our Debut Radio Play on Rockin' 101 out of Saint Cloud, Mn.

08.30.13 - VIA is #1 on the ReverbNation Alternative Charts for the Twin Cities.

09.06.13 - Play @ Moonshine Lounge. Evo's hometown Brainerd, Mn AKA Brainchild. Draw is 150+ but the crowd is NUTS! Mosh pits and crowd surfing with an extended set with 2 new songs followed by an intense after party!!!

09.19.13 - VIA's Red Room Ale is announced. More VIA Beer to come!

10.01.13 - VIA's Twitter page hits 1000 followers.

10.04.13 - VIA Facebook page hits 1000 'likes'.

10.09.13 - Open @ POVs on 65 in Spring Lake Park, Mn for 93X's Rock Block. Enormous stage and sound! Radio Play to Follow!

10.16.13 - Headline @ POV's on 65 in Spring Lake Park, Mn. Radio Play to Follow!

10.21.13 - ReverbNation Page hits 2000 plays!

3 Months, going on 4 Months as VIA!

Hey VIA fans!

It's been just over 3 months now that we, VIA, have had songs out to the public. We hit 1000 plays a few days before we opened for SMILE EMPTY SOUL!

Needless to say, it's been a fun and crazy ride so far. Our EP, Acid, was released 07/19/2013 @ The Pourhouse, which is one of the biggest up and coming venues in the twin cities, and we didn't look back opening for a very recognized national act SES.

We are putting together a Midwest tour for this fall, 2013, and submitting our EP to multiple record labels. We will for sure keep everyone posted as more things happen.

We thank you all for the continued support in our venture to top or so we hope.



VIA "Climbing the Alt Rock Charts"

Hey gang!

Wow! It has been exactly 2 weeks and what an amazing ride it has been, already!

Recap: We posted "Closets" our debut single.. around 11:57 PM 04.20.2013 and our Chart position beforehand was #174.

Fast forward to today (2 weeks later): We have 400+ plays and have risen to #11 on the Alt Rock Charts!

It's obvious but I have to say it.. We couldn't have done it without all of you! Please keep up the stellar work and we will see everyone out @ Cause in uptown Friday, May 24th where we will have a little surprise for the attendees! ; )

Thank you thank you thank you! Now go BREAK something in the name of VIA!!!!