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Long Road to Heaven

We hit the ground running Keep moving west Your beauty and my car Oh honey, ain't we the blessed?

Eleven to seven We drive all night It's a long way to Heaven And we're travelin' light

They say I cheated the hangman Well, maybe so The human race is going to Hell Nothing I can do about it but rock and roll

They say I cheated the hangman Well, it won't be the last time It's a long road to heaven Are you with me, girl, down the line?

Cos no one else in this damned town loves you, girl, but me Oh, Maybellene, why can't you be true? Cos no one else in this doomed world loves you but me, Maybellene! Oh, Maybellene! Why can't you be true? Oh, Maybellene!

Ghost Town

I’m living in a ghost town Can’t remember when I came Don’t know how I got here Magic bus or mystery train? I can’t remember much My memory isn’t clear When I got up this morning There was a stranger in the mirror The rooms are cheap I shouldn’t complain But the beds are really hard Ain’t nothing in the dresser drawers But a bible and a deck of cards There’s dust in the air, the floor’s unswept And wherever I step it creaks And though it never rains Every night the ceiling leaks There’s an old man in the lobby Is he asleep or is he dead? Head tilted back, mouth wide open Like a baby bird waiting to be fed Maybe he was getting a shoeshine And fell asleep in the chair Nobody cared to wake him How long has he been sitting there? A sad, three-legged dog Stands at the alley way Mad, glowing eyes stare at me As if I were the stray (like I’m crazy!) Whenever I approach She retreats and won’t let me near Wonder how she lost her leg And what she has to fear There’s no one in this town but An old man, a dog and me That the streets have names at all Is some kind of irony The stores are all but empty There’s nothing in this place for me And every day I when I get hungry I have to eat a little more of my memory I sit on the bench in the town square Feed the pigeons crumbs I go to the station every day But no train ever comes I stopped asking questions Who, what, where and why Anyway, no one really knows What is true and what's a lie

There’s a broke-down blue Cadillac Must've turned somewhere wrong The engine won’t start but the radio plays Only Hank Williams songs I miss my easy rider I miss our evening ride The last car to pass through town Must’ve been a drive-by suicide

There’s a movie theater on Main Street I'm bored and so I go The burned-out marquee reads The Last Picture Show I sit in the dark all alone Wait for the show to begin But it never does and so my mind Goes a wanderin’ There ain’t no weather, only heat Nothing happens out of the ordinary The nightlife here is dead There’s more happening at the cemetery Nothing makes sense anymore Don't know why I should care No one comes and no one goes I play another game of solitaire

Thought I heard someone speak I look around, no one to see Must be my troubled mind Playing tricks on me Maybe it was the voice of an angel That whispered in my ear Thought I’d hear trumpets and drums If judgment day was here What is this place, is it Hell? Is it the Land of Nod? I feel so far away from everything Am I closer to God? Sometimes late at night I can hear a distant cry If someone were to accuse me of something I’d have no alibi The time on the clock tower Is stuck at 12:08 Still it's a comfort to know It’s right twice a day But every other thing About this place is wrong I know I should if only I could Be moving on

I’m living in a ghost town Can’t remember when I came Don’t know how I got here Must have been a mystery train I can’t remember her face anymore Her name or mine And when I woke up this morning I knew I was out of time

Bad Love

I fell in love On a hot New Orleans June I thought my luck Had finally changed its tune The moon was full and pink I didn’t think and I could not see That a bad bad love had taken hold of me Bad love Bad love Bad love taken a hold of me

By Mardi Gras We both were wearing masks A fortnight drunk Then the spell that was cast Broke at last like a fever dream And me lovesick on my knees Bad love is a heart to heart disease Bad love Bad love Bad love is a heart to heart disease

All of our plans just burned up dreams Out of our hands or so it seems At a parish church we took the vow It was good love then but it's bad love now

Bad love is blind lust Lifts you up like a drug I don't walk in the clouds anymore I'm down on the killing floors

(copyright 2016)

Hour of the Wolf

A new moon risin’, the evening's still Cicadas a chirpin’ near the old cotton mill A sweet breeze stirring the deep ellum leaves A blind man singin’ about what he sees She put down her pen, that’s all she wrote Then packed up her bag and left him a note

Someone said he’d been lurking around Had the air of a stranger from a far away town Who knows how it started, maybe he asked for a match So much in this life is just blind chance He never saw it coming and now it’s too late A half empty closet and a wide open gate

The streets ‘re deserted, the bars ‘ve let out In the hour before dawn there's a deep sense of doubt Everyone asleep in each other's dreams A wolf’s silhouette in a headlight's beams A light rain falling, the whole scene's surreal Won’t know ‘til tomorrow how it's all gonna feel

Nothing is true, not reason or rhyme That's the way that it seems now most of the time Man ain’t nothing but what he believes A comedy to jokers, a tragedy to thieves We strut and fret, we’re born and we breed On a stage for a while until we recede And when it’s all over it’s like we never did exist She disappeared with a stranger in the late night mist

(copyright 2016)

Look Downward, Angel

Well, it’s hard times for lovers and it’s hard times all around There’s rain in the clouds, we need it now but it ain’t coming down Feel like my soul's in a black hole wrapped to the bone too tight I’ve got wounds in places that have never seen daylight

Swing low, swing low, sweet chariot, come carry me home Somebody hail me a cab cos I ain’t feeling alright Once I thought I was gonna live forever Now I don’t know if I can make it through the night

Preacher say, “Do God’s will” but I do what I can I got faith in love you know but I’m a gambling man When she spoke from her heart I felt it in mine I never thought to ask if I should read between the lines

Sweep low, sweep low and dust your broom, put everything right Lover tell me with a straight face all about the sweet life Once we wore the blindfold And did a trick with a knife

You can live in the world or you can live in love But you can’t be in two places at once Look out over yonder, look to the poets' verse You don't send me letters just notes from your nurse

Swing low, swing low, old dustin' broom, sweep low like a scythe I need a band of angels to hold me together tonight When I was a child I spoke as a child Now my struggle is a man’s plight

Well, it’s hard times in Dark Town and it’s hard times at home Cities on fire, bridges breaking down, dogs fight for the same bone Nerves are frayed, electric wires buzzin’, crows caw and gather round Sleepwalkers on a tightrope sooner or later they're coming down

Swing low, swing low, my sweet and low down sleepy time gal Speak low, come downward, angel, back to the place you fell Where I watched you walk away As the sun sank down into Hell

(copyright 2016)

margaret  (11 months ago)

I am your biggest fan. I like all your lyrics.

In the Meantime

In the meantime I'm feelng a low down These inbetween times Are not about now I’m watching the road, I’m looking for signs I’m in a field of poppies with land mines A lot of memories buried here I see them in dreams so clear

In the meantime Try not to think about her Greenwich Meantime And the way we were I'm playing it straight, walking the line It's now or never, it’s about time I’ve come this far, I’ll go all the way I don’t take it for granted, I take it day by day

These are mean times I been left for dead It’s getting clean time I got a weight to shed The milk of human kindness is curdled now Ain’t the fault of the farmer, can’t blame the cow I got no choice but to keep the faith I doubt she’s coming but still I wait

I wrote her a letter From my heart and mind But I can’t get no peace 'til I get her reply Been a long time coming Been a long time gone I won't know peace Until she's back home

In the meantime Hang onto your hat An ill wind is blowin’ Ain’t no shelter from that Ain't got a dime, got a farm to tend Prepare for the lean times around the bend Come back, baby I’ll be around The cards are on the table The deal’s going down

(copyright 2016)

No Man's Land

I walk the streets, it's a chilly night

Passing strangers arm in arm in twos I can hear a band playing in a bar Singer crooning country blues I’m in exile from a time and place That no longer exists in time and space Footsteps follow close behind Don’t look back to find the ghost of love You left me stranded in a no man’s land Counting all the stars above

Bright city lights used to shine for us As we walked along the avenue Now all the good times have rolled on by Tonight every woman looks like you Gypsy widow wanna tell my fortune I'd give her anything to say I got one Feels like the whole world is up on my back Yet I feel the lack of your weight You left me stranded in a no man’s land A stranger to my fate

Maybe I’ll surrender but only to you I’ve always been unconditionally yours Promises were made things said and done No one knows what goes behind closed doors It’s like I’m waiting on a platform for A train I know don’t run on this track no more But if it did I’d ride to your door And let that long whistle blow You left me stranded in a no man’s land I can't get there from here alone

I’m restless and moving, I sleep when I can Seems I never get off this square The skin I’m in, I’ll shed it soon But it don’t matter if you care Nothing in the world means so much Without your loving touch Seems like this old world's spinning slow Yes, I know I can feel it move You left me stranded in a no man’s land Where there’s just one hard truth

I’m too far gone, I'm behind the sun Brother, I know you been there Lost precious time can’t get it back Everything melts into air I’m beyond repair of needle and thread I’m out where the angels fear to tread Last night I dreamt we walked hand in hand And it was summer once again You left me stranded in a no man’s land Alone on a dark road that never ends

(copyright 2016)

Lock And Key Blues

Take your hat off the bed "It's bad luck," she said Ain't superstitious But I talk to the dead

Some things can't be known Through the mind alone She got a hold on my heart Right from the start

I recall her kiss Lips taste of blood Without her love I'd be back in the mud

Mighty Mississippi Long, deep and wide Said "come over, baby To the other side"

I ride a midnight train Slow as the cold, creeping moon Meet me midsummer's eve in Memphis in June

Let down your hair Long and black as the night Got my needle in the groove Now everything's alright

Some people are a lock Some people are a key Next time we get together Gonna set this lovin' free

Some things can't be known Through the mind alone Got a hold on my heart Such a shame we had to part

(copyright 2015)

Devil Got My Woman

Devil got my woman

Keeps her on a leash Walks her like a dog Grants her every wish She dances to his rhythm As he speaks to her in rhyme Got a hypnotizing voice Distracts you from his crime

Devil got my woman Put her up on his throne Pretends he is her slave And her choices are her own He feeds her only cake But she never gains weight Until she steps off the scale Then she's heavy as fate

He's a media tycoon Makes a fiction of the truth Looks like Joe Average Works at the toll booth He plays the fool at parties He's a gambler who never bets He knows everybody's secrets Owns everyone's debt

Devil got my woman Makes all the ladies swoon He's a charmer and a farmer Pulls the trees up by the root He's the proverbial bad boy All the ladies think he's cute A prodigal son who's never done A day's work and that's the truth

Devil got my woman Running in a crazy maze Got her where he wants her On her back confused and dazed She was once wild as horses Now she's bouncing on his knee His tricks are medievil Pricks your skin says "let it bleed"

Devil's just a man Wears a white linen suit He winds up all the clocks at night and 'neath his pillow keeps your tooth Woman got the devil In the palm of her hand He calls her Jezebel She was born in Dixieland

If you can name it you can tame it you can shame it and then Gonna bring it on home, baby Bring it home, Amen Gonna bring it on home, babe Down to Dixieland Gonna bring it on home, babe Just like the Devil planned Gonna bring it on home, babe And I'll be damned B a b y -- gonna bring it on home to me Watch out!

(copyright 2015)

Stop Me If You've Heard This Before

I didn’t come here in search of The time I lost long ago I didn’t come here to hide away From a love I used to know I didn’t come here to make a deal Or draw a line in the sand I didn’t come here to wash away The dirt from my hands I didn’t come here to shed more tears Or hang them on your line to dry I didn’t come here to relive a dream And I didn’t come here to die

I came here when I heard the music The band was playing a familiar tune I came, dear, for one last dance Beneath the silver summer moon

I didn’t come here to tempt the fates I didn’t come here to make a bed I didn’t come here to guess your weight That might be something I’d regret I didn’t come here to confess Didn’t come to hear what I already know I didn’t come here to ring them bells But they’ll be ringing when I go I didn't come to hear sweet nothings The kind we used to tell When I was young and you were young And we were under a mighty spell

I came here when I heard the music The band was playing a familiar song Maybe I came for a second chance Maybe I was wrong

I didn’t come here on anyone’s orders Been on my own since I was seventeen And I didn’t come to cross so many borders Just to ask myself, "where have you been?" I didn’t come here to play the game everyone plays No one knows the rules anyway I didn’t come here to win or lose Or to stake any kind of a claim I didn’t come to tempt demon love I don’t know how things got so strange And I didn’t come so far to be So far out of range

I came here when I heard the music I once let a song go out of my heart Stop me if you’ve heard this before You better stop me before I start

I came here to change my name To something easier to forget But when I saw you again True love feels no regret

I didn’t come back to take your hand Though when I did I felt that divine command I came back to hear the band Play them love sick blues again

(copyright 2015)