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Lyricist Available / Blog


Take your hat off the bed

"It's bad luck," she said

Ain't superstitious

But I talk to the dead

Some things can't be known

Through the mind alone

She got a hold on my heart

Right from the start

I recall her kiss

Lips taste of blood

Without her love

I'd be back in the mud

Mighty Mississippi

Long, deep and wide

Said "come over, baby

To the other side"

I ride a midnight train slow as the

cold, creeping moon

Meet me midsummer's eve

in Memphis in June

Let down your hair

Long and black as the night

Got my needle in the groove

Now everything's alright

Some people are a lock

Some people are a key

"Next time we get together

Gonna set this love free"

Some things can't be known

Through the mind alone

Got a hold on my heart

Such a shame we had to part


Devil got my woman

Keeps her on a leash

Walks her like a dog

Grants her every wish

She dances to his rhythm

As he speaks to her in rhyme

Got a hypnotizing voice

Distracts you from his crime

Devil got my woman

Put her up on his throne

Pretends he is her slave

And her choices are her own

He feeds her only cake

But she never gains weight

Until she steps off the scale

Man, she's heavy as fate

He's a media tycoon

Makes a fiction of the truth

Looks like Joe Average

Works at the toll booth

He plays the fool at parties

He's a gambler who never bets

He knows everybody's secrets

And owns everyone's debt

Devil got my woman

Makes all the ladies swoon

He's a charmer and a farmer

Pulls the trees up by the root

He's the proverbial bad boy

All the ladies think he's cute

A prodigal son who's never done

A day's work and that's the truth

Devil got my woman

Running a crazy maze

Got her where he wants her

Lying on her back confused and dazed

She was once wild as horses

Now she's bouncing on his knee

His tricks are medievil

Pricks your skin says let it bleed

Devil's just a man

Wears a white linen suit

He winds up all the clocks at night

& 'neath his pillow keeps your tooth

Woman got the devil

In the palm of her hand

He calls her Jezebel

She was born in Dixieland

If you can name it you can tame it

you can shame it and then

Gonna bring it on home, baby

Bring it home, Amen

Gonna bring it on home, babe

Down to Dixieland

Gonna bring it on home, babe

Just like the Bible planned

Gonna bring it on home, babe

And I'll be damned

B a b y -- gonna bring it on home to me

Watch out!


I didn’t come here in search of

The time I lost long ago

I didn’t come here to hide away

From a love I used to know

I didn’t come here to make a deal

Or draw a line in the sand

I didn’t come here to wash away

The dirt from my hands

I didn’t come here to shed more tears

Or hang them on your line to dry

I didn’t come here to relive a dream

And I didn’t come here to die

I came here when I heard the music

The band was playing a familiar tune

I came, dear, for one last dance

Beneath the silver summer moon

I didn’t come here to tempt the fates

I didn’t come here to make a bed

I didn’t come here to guess your weight

That might be something I’d regret

I didn’t come here to confess

Didn’t come to hear what I already know

I didn’t come here to ring them bells

But they’ll be ringing when I go

I didn't come to hear sweet nothings

The kind we used to tell

When I was young and you were young

And we were under a mighty spell

I came here when I heard the music

The band was playing a familiar song

Maybe I came for a second chance

Maybe I was wrong

I didn’t come here on anyone’s orders

Been on my own since I’s seventeen

And I didn’t come to cross so many borders

Just to ask myself, "where have you been?"

I didn’t come here to play the game everyone plays

No one knows the rules anyway

I didn’t come here to win or lose

Or to stake any kind of a claim

I didn’t come to tempt demon love

I don’t know how things got so strange

And I didn’t come so far to be

So far out of range

I came here when I heard the music

I once let a song go out of my heart

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

You better stop me before I start

I came here to change my name

To something easier to forget

But when I saw you again

True love feels no regret

I didn’t come back to take your hand

Though when I did I felt that divine command

I came back to hear the band

Play them love sick blues again


Well I left that town ‘neath a dark cloud

Mama said it was a shame

I left that town bloodied but unbowed

Didn’t know the score or the name of the game

But that was a long time ago

A long, long time ago

Well I must’ve been looking for something

When I remember what it is I’ll let you know

Well, some people got to get up early

Shine themselves like a silver coin

Some people they got to get up early

Trade their time for a bit of coin

Well that ain’t for me

No, sir, that life it ain’t for me

I don’t mind singing for my supper

I’ve lived on less than rice and beans

Well, I spent a lot of time remembering

All the things I tried to forget

I spent a lot of time remembering

Living in a halfway house of regret

Where the days were short

And the nights were oh so long

Oh the trials of the insomniac

I sing the blues of a world done wrong

Well, I had a pretty girl for a little while

She was my sweet valentine

Had a pretty girl for a little while

One day she said it’s the end of the line

That was a sad, sad time

So sad and lonesome to be set free

Sometimes I want to dig a hole and lay down

Pull the top soil over me

Well take a look at my shoes, ma,

Can you tell me where I been?

And have a look in my eyes, ma,

Can you see the trouble I’m in?

Take a look at my hands,

Can you imagine what they've done?

Have a look at my face, ma,

Do you recognize your son?

Now the wind of memory blows

All the leaves down to the ground

It’s the winter of my discontent

I hear the silence in every sound

Of these winter time blues

Oh these long time winter blues

They say there ain’t no cure

And I think that may be true


Do you still bust the lights out down lover's lane?

Are you still nobody's sweetheart, everybody's shame?

Seventeen years can make a strange boy a girl

Did ten-thousand days make a man of the world?

We met on the skids and we slid down the drain

In a moment of madness the years cannot explain

You were still in ruin over that boy across town

And like the fall of Rome I followed you down

Fine days in the underground

Do you remember what you read in the diary she wrote in?

Although she slapped your hand it was your heart that had stolen

We used to push up the leaves of lust for hours

Then you froze in the heat I picked your midnight flowers, la la lie...

Lately I've been thinking about that obsession

Wondering if I ever really learned my lesson

Are you still hiding in your skin like a grave?

Won't you dig a little deeper cos we've something to save

Fine days in the underground

Fine days in the underground

*this was written many years ago


Emily, tell me

All about the growing pall

Upon a hillside

In leaves of grass lie

How we rise and fall

Mary, go round

Love’s season unbound

Though lost on you & the road you are

With none but fool’s luck

I found my black star

In the sky below. Will she

Come by fall?

Time is heavy

Lover, kill me

copyright 2002


There’s someone to tell you

Lies about now

Turn your heart-sleeves inside out

& let the petals fall

On twisted branch the warbler cries

Old widow casts a 'spicious eye

Spring foreshadowed, magnolias bloom

Bad luck to see the bride too soon

On winter nights we drank the wine

After hours but before its time

A parlor game, a waltz, a kiss

& each love story begins like this

A word with which every other rhymes

How could I’ve misread the signs?

Your ma never told you all she knows about man

Now love has come to play the fool again

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa….

Young soldier calls, wild rose in hand

Your pa never told you he’s but half a man

Wounded where it doesn't show

As above, so below

Fool for love waits in the parlor

Mustache, grin, your gentleman caller

A face like a mask to hide his crime

A kiss above the hand in mime

He speaks of fortune & coming war

Heavy boots cross the parquet floor

Dark maid waits behind the door

Pa pa pa, pa pa pa ….

Magnolia tree, Magnolia tree

Why does she drop so many leaves?

copyright 2002-12


A world weary widow sweeps out the doorway

Smell gutter leaves, get a rush in the chill

A boy who keeps pigeons leans over the roof

Root, branch and leaf: a suicide in the seed

Every day is spinning wheels, digging holes, dirty deals

And all night long someone's pacing the floor

The seasons four but there’s always one more

Ride a clock read a bike drink a paper wind a cup

The soul pushing hard against the bones

Broken glass in the picture frame

You can’t look away from the photograph

Those haunting eyes, forever young & yearning

Now there's a wall where the window was

I'm lost & ask a stranger for love

A gust of wind comes up out of the blue

Rains fall, pigeons scatter

I feel an ache from my tooth

down to the sole of my shoe

copyright 2007-12


Listen little bride you can hide your eyes but still be seen.

Listen through the open wound that sings "life is but a dream"

Listen now it whistles like a bird inside a train

Listen hear a stray dog limps & drags a master's chain

Whispers, hushed laughter, secret language, hidden room

That’s our love: a game

copyright 2002-12


Too many corners in this room, she said. Sweep some light in with a broom.

So many corners in your head, she said. Look what’s trapped inside his web!

It gets in your head! It gets inside your head!

Don’t fuck with my head! Do not fuck with my head!

So many ways to play indoor games. Kick your shoes off from the bed. Bite my nails down to my soul Open all our windows underground.

She gets in your head! She gets inside your head!

Don’t fuck with my head! Do not fuck with my head!

I’m writing War & Peace; it’s a book about spiders in top hats & capes dancing at the ball with masked men. Don’t know who I am, don't know at all.

She’s got a thing about spiders. We’re animals driven mad by our wounds. If you can shame it, you can tame it. We’re animals tamed by our wounds.

She's dedicated; she's designated herself my heart's sole mourner.

But who’s gonna love my dark corners?

copyright 2012