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Hey guys! I just entered at singer-songwriter competition and i could use your help! Go to http://songwriter.amplifiertv.com/channel/livingdeadboyband and share and watch the two videos i've got up there! THANKS!

Long time no see 0_0

Hmmmmm since my last post blog entry I've played a gig at the Thompson House in Newport, KY and made $147! :D Now i'm trying to find a way to get more exposure and places to play more gigs and basically where to go from here ._. Got merch made and just finished my christmas album! :D which you can check out at www.mp3unsigned.com/livingdeadboy

BIG thank you!

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to the show last Friday! It was a great night and i hope to see even MORE there NEXT time! ;D

New UG gig!!

GOT ANOTHER GIG AT THE UNDERGROUND!!! WOOO!!!! Hope ALL y'all can make it!


Finally finished the album! :D Working on the distribution now :)


Just ONE song away from finishing the third album! Should be done this week and i also think i have a new gig coming up this weekend in Kentucky so i'll keep y'all posted on that! :D


Had an AMAZING night Saturday playing at The Underground! Thanks to all the people to came out i love you all! Just finished recording and editing the 9th track to the new album so only a few more weeks to go!

BIG next couple weeks!

Playing at The Underground next Saturday at 7pm so make sure to come out! :D Also I'll just about be finishing up the new album within the next 3 weeks!

First Gig!

Booked for LDB's FIRST gig as a preformer at the Underground on April 13th! Finished my set list and now I'm waiting for the Pre-Sale tickets to arrive! :D

My mistake

Although it has been a while since i posted the last blog, I noticed i made a mistake. I am currently recording LDB's THIRD album xD not first.