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Hard Rock Rising!

Hey everyone, please help support us by voting for us in the Hard Rock Rising global battle of the bands competition! Vote by going to the address below and downloading our song "Fake Out" for FREE! http://www.reverbnation.com/contests/1460/artist/3026718

PROMOTION for Feb. 17th show at the Prophet Bar!!!

Come see us play Feb 17th @ the Prophet Bar! Online tickets only $11. Save $2 from door price! Ticket for sale at: www.aftonshows.com/theartistcalling

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"Wowee!" -Toki Wartooth, Dethklok

We're are mere hours away from our first gig and this has already been one of the most rewarding experiences we have had the pleasure of taking part in. We want to thank everyone for so much initial support! Things are moving right along for us, faster and better than we ever expected, we can't wait to see what the following year has in store for us. We may write our songs for ourselves, for expressing our feelings, our lives, our stories, but the reason we PLAY our songs is for you, the fans. Thanks again, everyone!

-The Artist Calling

The Origin Story

When at the national championships for doubles table tennis, both Adam's and Collin's respective teammates came down with the Alien Flu Virus and imploded into small vials of Gak, thus leaving them unqualified to finish up. Adam turned the corner to leave when he saw Collin furiously punch-dancing his rage out over what remained of his ex-partner. There eyes met, and they knew what they had to do. They fought tooth and nail, continuing to the championship bout, where they were to face the most vicious table tennis duo the world had ever known, Eric and his Beard. Trembling with anticipation, but still prepared for the match, Adam, Collin, Eric, and Eric's Beard were waiting for the starting buzzer. Then they realized how stupid table tennis was and started a band instead.

RIP Tommy Farkin- 7/6/88-10/15/12 Grant Pugh- 4/19/90-10/15/12

*Disclaimer: The Artist Calling wishes to apologize to any table tennis players that take offense to the story of our formation. Table tennis is a very serious, competitive sport and The Artist Calling comends all table tennis players for their athletic prowess and cunning strategy. For more information on table tennis, please visit North American Table Tennis at http://www.natabletennis.com/

The Artist Calling also wishes to apologize Nickelodeon for alluding to any involvement of Gak with some sort of extraterrestrial virus. Gak is a very serious, competitive children's toy and The Artist Calling commends Nickelodeon for Gak's intellectually developmental and physical activity promoting properties. For more information on Nickelodeon's Gak, please visit http://www.gak-is-back.com/

The Artist Calling lastly wishes to apologize to all Beards out there. We did not mean to allude that all Beards all evil. The moral polarity of Beards generally depend on the people of the faces they choose to live on, and their have been some very altruistic Beards on some notably bad people (Napoleon Bonaprte's sideburns). The opposite is also true (Tom Selleck's decidedly sinister mustache).For more information on Beards, please visit The National Beard Registry at http://www.nationalbeardregistry.org/Beards/famous.asp