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2015 & Friends

Hi Friends, happy 2015! This year is still somewhat on the horizon, while also being underway...do you see it too? Still just peeking over the edge of the earth...(; This year looks bright to me. This year looks like it holds infinite opportunity and possibility. I hope you see it in the same light. (: This year I don't necessarily have "resolutions" per say. I think "goals" is a much better word choice. (: A few of my goals for 2015 are to WRITE The more I write, the more I grow. And I know you guys like some new stuff every now and then. (; SHARE I wrote several songs in 2014 that were shared with friends that attended my shows, but I never shared them with my friends (and stalkers) on the World Wide Web... I know I know..a big SMACK on the forehead just like a V8 commercial. Like the Texas Rangers have said.....IT'S TIME. I have started a new video series called Best Kept Secrets where I'll be sharing original songs I wrote last year and the ones I've written this year. Subscribe to me on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/jadenfarnsworthmusic) so you can catch this series!! http://tinyurl.com/nlfxukp I am thankful for your support in 2014. I look forward to a bright 2015 with you! xoxo Jaden

Little Hello | Album Whereabouts

Hellooo everyone! Hope everyone is having a lovely evening or day. (: That would actually depend on where you are in the world when you read this post. (;

I would like to clarify a little, regarding the whereabouts of my album, Heart Sing -- it is available on iTunes, but that is not the only website it's available on now. I have had several people wanting to purchase it but they don't "do" iTunes... And that's totally okay. (:

According to my wonderful marketing manager, Mr. Ryan Laube, my album is now available on more than 200 websites. Just don't ask me to name them all! (: I have been told, in addition to iTunes, it is available on Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and Rhapsody (to name a few). I hope that helps! (:

Xo, Jaden

Hola, 2014 || Snippet About Loveday!

Hello lovelies!

It's your favorite Little Red here, excited to let ya in on what's new with me.

First off, my debut Pop Country album, Heart Sing, will be released nationwide in TWO WEEKS!!! AHHHH!! Dream come t r u e !

I guess you could say I'm a wee bit excited about that. But just a wee bit.

Second, it's a n e w y e a r, so hola, 2014! I am excited for what you will bring with you! But before we get to that, the last two weeks have been…nothing short of amazing. I am blessed beyond measure. Every time I turn around, something wonderful seems to simply fall into my lap. I have met with some astounding people who are excited about what I am doing and eager to help me do it! Being in the dark about the future stirs excitement in my chest for this year that is upon us. Even so, I have the same little pitter patter for future events I DO know about! (:

All you that love love - lovers, lovebirds, hopeless romantics, loveday fanatics… If you fit into any of those categories, listen up! Er, read…up…lol.

I was requested to play at The Forge in Ben Wheeler, Texas, on Valentine's Day from 7-10p!

Make plans to come on out to this one ya'll. Go ahead - get dressed up all fancy (it's Valentine's Day!) and bring your dear along… The Forge has some stellar pizza. (My mouth is watering thinking of it.)

Because it's my job to entertain you, I would love to play your favorite songs that night.

So P L E A S E my darlings, help me out by commenting your favorite song on this blog post, or my Facebook, or Instagram, or even Twitter! (All of which you can find links to here, on my Reverb)

If you would like to get a little tech savvy, you might even try putting #jadenfarnsworth someplace in there…(; but we'll see. (;

Xo, Jaden

28 more days until the offcial release!!!

If you haven't checked out the sneak peeks of my upcoming album...go now! Listen! Download! Share! ;) http://www.reverbnation.com/jadenfarnsworth

Thankful Thankful Thankful and Blessed

Y'all. I'm blessed. Thank you to new fans (fans I meet face to face, strangers that have become fans through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Reverb. I am so grateful for your support).

I have been absolutely in love with my shows, and I'm so thankful. Not because of my performances, but because of the people I have the privilege of meeting. I love meeting new people. (: Also, I'm thankful for the fans that make it to every show - love y'all, faithful fans! I'm thankful for my parents, who truly are my number one fans. They do so much behind the scenes. Also, they love me even as I come down from my coffee high. (; they rock.

Thanks for listening to (er, reading. 😊) my little thankful spill. (:

Thankful thankful thankful and blessed, Jaden

Heart Sing!

Heart Sing is my debut album. (eep! my girlhood dream come true!) It's full of tunes that will make ya dance, and you will totally relate to the lyrics. Everybody loves love, right? (; Heart Sing is available for pre-order right now, and is set to be released nationwide January 14, 2014!!