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Roll Call

It has been some rough patches lately with lots on certainty afoot. But let me come as close as I can to properly thank my recent fans for being so kind. They are all monsters in their own right and I hardly deserve them.

Congradultions to Night Train for ther first show with their new line up. Mike did great job under difficult circumstances. They are a better band now. I still love Lucy and Chloe.

I'm throwing more songs up. Hope you like them.

Also, Pray for Ivan Malts, art and music patron, cretive guhru And truly the most interesing man in the world.

New Songs

I've put up a few songs from a project I did called Lonesome Avenue that is mostly about my battles with depression. I hope everybody likes them.

Uncle C

For a few days I'll be showcasing my work with the musical genius, Max Edmon, AKA The Middax. I appear as Uncle C.

For a while we would play a game to see if we could make a complete tune from top to bottom in one take. Max would bare;y have time to write down what his muse was telling him. It actually seemed to work better that way because our conscious minds would not override things. We learned to trust our musical instincts to guide us.

I'm proud to displays the fruits of these sessions.

Local Color

I got a message from corporate that I was #1 in Moulton (pop. 860) for my genre. Thank God! I thought if someone in town had more listens and fans than me, I would have work even harder at this.

I was further surprized to find out that there are literally dozens of RN members in my area; some who are full-timers that tour the country. But mostly it is C&W and Hip-Hop groups, and fortunately, no Americana - yet.

p.s. I has a sad that Patti Page is gone but not forgotten. RIP.

Fame Wars

I've noticed on Facebook that I have actually lost friends within the last few days, which coincides with my campaign to make poeple notice my music.

Ordinarily, I would consider that "friends" leaving as a bad sign. However, after riffing on Aaron Sorkins' statement that USA is, "is not the greatest country in the world anymore," (Fly Like an Eagle) and having used some images from OWS, it's possible I've offended dome folks.

I feel like being true to my creative urges might turn some people away but the ones who get me are the kind of friends worth keeping.