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WOW! This autumn's shows have been phenomenal so far!!!

I can't believe how awesome the past few shows have been...

The Rockaway Monster bash with our friends Douche Newton, Cookies & Anarchy and the tribute to the Ramones - PSYCHOTHERAPY! The show was an epic experience as the crowd swelled to an up-roarious climax for PsychoTherapy (comprised of Dave and Scott from Thresher, Troy from Jackal Tickets and Dylan of Affliction Kid). They cleaned house with a mile-a-minute true Ramones set with a surprise encore of the Misfits' "Hybrid Moments". It was sick. For our part, we dressed in silly costumes and blitzed the hungry crowd with a short but powerful set that ran like this: "Tonight, We're Gonna Rock You, Tonight" - Spinal Tap cover "Time" - Jackal Tickets cover "We're Fuct" - Thresher cover "Get It While You Can" - Affliction Kid cover "Three Bags Full" - Pullouts original "General Porpoise" - Pullouts original debut "Men In Black" - Frank Black cover "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson cover

The afterparty was epic to say the least for a Halloween show to end so triumphantly. What a kickass time...

Our "kinda" first ACOUSTIC SHOW was this past Saturday night at the Village Grill. This show was with our good friends and brothers in arms, AFFLICTION KID. A-kid opened the show while I enjoyed many pitchers of PBR as it was on special that night. The surprised the packed house with originals and new tunes as well as some righteous covers ("Can't You Hear Me Knocking?" always kills. We followed up with a lengthy set that opened with "Buenas Tardes Amigo" by Ween. That was a curve ball that would only work at the beginning of a set. We followed that up with a number of tasty acoustic originals like "Winner Winner" and "Jihad Rises". We played our 100th song as Beck's "Pay No Mind". We also debuted our takes on "Let It Bleed" by the Stones and "Still Wasted From the Party Last Night" by Liam Lynch.

Again another rawkus afterparty with a late night minstrel-ing by Affliction Kid's Mike Grubb accompanied by the Club Chalkley choir. A celebration like the times of old. Carry on.

THIS MONTH right after Thanksgiving, we rock the Coffee Pot for THE FIRST ANNUAL THANKSGIVING KICKASS featuring The LADY J'S/AFFLICTION KID/THE PULLOUTS in a triumphant battle to rock the most faces off at one show. This'll be one for the record books as they say. Butter me up, I'm on a roll (thanks Hubbard)

Love, Trust and Pizza Crust Bubba J Webster 11/17/10

"On A Slab (Bowl Hand)"

This is a song slated for the record that doesn't quite match the sound of the rest of the album. So, we've decided to give it you via free download for a limited time in celebration of the upcoming release. Once the album comes out, "On A Slab (Bowl Hand)" will be put into the vaults until the b-side record surfaces. Lord knows when that could be

Take care and Enjoy The Pullouts

one small step for UumFooGuu

Man, we'd first like to thank everybody for their support and interest in our little band of monkeys. We look forward to living up to your expectations with our upcoming record. We are leaning toward "Negotiating the Pop" as the name of the album. We are self producing it and are planning to whore it out to the entire world in trust that it strikes a chord with someone somewhere.

The first single is likely to be "The Future is In Sleaze". We plan to shoot a DIY video for most of the songs. At least the ones we feel like shooting.

Another exciting development to longtime associates... Jason "Diesel" Davis is now opting to play as "pivot man" onstage. That means he will switch between Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Sound-man, Backing Vocalist, etc.

The most exciting combos we've come up with included Josh playing Piano, Drums, Bass while Bubba played Bass, Guitar, and Keys. Quinn has yet to switch because you can't mess with that. The world would die a little inside to see that happen. We're gonna do the Whole Voltron Switch at upcoming shows after we get our feet wet again. (Can you believe we haven't played live since July!?!?!?!) We appreciate your time and can honestly say, there is nowhere to go but up.

Bubba J Smalls and The Pullouts

reverb nation

stepping off the bus into the town of Reverb Nation. looks about to see what could be an interesting adventure. let's see, how does THIS work? (scratches head and prepares the upheaval)