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DEBUT ALBUM 32 track "Girls Have Landed" Coming soon

When it comes to music, if anyone is a dedicated artist nothing speaks more about that artist than their resume. Whats has this artist done to warrrant such support.. Do they sing LIVE? Do they do concerts? Have they come out with an album of their music. Are they socially responsible in a world filled with misery? This is what the Kids On The Block are all about. Their goal is to entertain and give joy through their music. But more importantly, it is to show the world that music unites people together. Music is a universal language . It is a conduit to show kindness and love to people that are less fortunate. In a world filled with grief, entertainers and celebrities have FORGOTTEN their mission and purpose for being on this earth while being revered and idolized by millions. That is where the Kids On The Block are completely different. Even though, they are a bunch of young girls from ages 10 to 15, they understand that fame and fortune is yes, giving joy and happiness to their fans, but more importantly, it is giving BACK to those that are not as fortunate as some of us. In a world of 6.5 billion people, close to half of humans live in poverty, misery, disease, oppression and war. Kids On The Block are 12 girls that come from every corner of the earth. They are united in spirit and their mission is not to become famous and wealthy through others, but to raise awareness that music can be a uniting force of assistance and aid to people living in horrid conditions. "Girls Have Landed" is the name of their DEBUT album filled with 32 amazing songs that will bring joy to all their fans. More over, Girls Have Landed is a metaphoric phrase which means "we are here to change the way music is made and used for." That is why , this announcement is about GIVING not TAKING. In fact, 50 percent of anything that has to do with this album, proceeds will be donated to charities that have a track record of making a difference in this world. This indeed is the REAL mission. It is a mission of love, compassion, giving relief and raising awareness that some of us live in a world of happiness and plenty, while many others on our planet live in pain and suffering. Join and support Kids On The Block. They represent the new generation of human beings. They represent a generation of empathy and compassion in a world filled with greed and apathy. "Girls Have Landed" is a project of hope and new beginnings. In the greatest decade of music , the 80's, Band Aid raised millions to help a starving world. In the 21st century, Kid Aid is rekindling that mantra "give back to those less fortunate". Support Kids On The Block and their new album, GIVE BACK to our desperate planet.

VEVO Channel For Kids On The Block

VEVO is a consortium of three of the four major record labels! Sony Music, Universal Music and EMI Due to the proliferation of piracy of music from the web that had the labels losing billions of dollars, they banded together and created a super Channel called VEVO, where their signed artists could showcase their videos. The revenues generated by these videos would now not only be from digital downloads, but also from paid advertising from major companies that wanted to market their goods. This way, the major labels were able to recoup much of the lost revenue lost through illegal downloads. For example, now Justin Bieber sells Campbell soup and makes a ton of money for his record company and himself. Because of this creation many of the indie artists cried foul to YouTube, stating that they were left out of this money making bonanza. So YouTube in its infinite wisdom created YouTube Partners, whereby Indie artists or anyone for that matter that were in good standing with YouTube could also place ads on their channels to create revenue from advertising. This now has grown into an international phenomenon and thousands of artists from the very young to established Indie artists with large followings get a share of the advertising dollar!

BUT, YouTube Partnership is NOT and never will be VEVO..

You cannot just get a VEVO channel.. However, through very long negotiation we were able to obtain the right to give a VEVO channel to certain members of Kids On The Block.. This is not the rule! it is an exception. Thanks to super young music executive Meli Lopez , through her contacts and immense negotiating skills, she has made VEVO a reality for Girls Invasion For now individual VEVO'S will be created for certain super studded talented young artists fromGirls Invasion. We will be making an official announcement and also be promoting those channels heavily once they are created Stay tuned, the fun is about to begin. Kids On The Block are number 12 on the local pop scene in New York. That is quiet an accomplishment given the time that took them to climb the charts - Just 8 weeks! Just amazing. because of the sheer raw talent these young future superstars of the music world possess.

The New Face Of Kids On The Block

Kids On The Block is an amazing group of talented music artists from around the world banded together to form the greatest group of talent under one name.. Now through hard work and perseverance we have also found the face and spokesman of our awesome group.. Charlotte Edwards 12 year old super model from the UK has accepted to represent Kids On The Block in any of our promos. Charlotte is a beautiful young lady with incredible desire and amazing talent and smarts.. She is officially the face of Kids On The Block We are extremely excited to have such an amazing celebrity represent Kids On The Block Welcome aboard Charlotte!

Kids On The Block

The explosing of mobile devices around the world made it almost archaic to go to even to a traditional pc or lap top to get your music. There are over 5 billion hand help devices whose owners want information and music fast and digitally on demand. The Kids On The Block are the next generation of musicians. Music is no longer produced the old fashioned way, via CD or by Record Label. This the new wave of music. Digital and on demand. Physically banded together from all corners of the globe, T\hese are the best of the very best young musicians out there. Ready to entetertain you and you to love enjoy and share their music. Here are their names and where they come from:

Mara Switzerland, -- Elizabeth Elias Miami, USA -- Katie Belle Akin Atlanta, USA -- Payton Stanley Phoenix, USA -- Emilie O Grimstad Norway -- Celeste Turner Kentucky, USA - Allie Carter Seattle, USA -- Skyla Rayne Cali, USA Charlotte Edwards Reading, UK - Brianna Mazzola Phily, USA -- Samantha Potter Cali, USA -- Laura Khoshaba London, UK --