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Thought after thought, a waning of the mind. Calculations, analysis, computations, memorization all empty. In the end a will is the wake of the world. Think of your beliefs and values, track them back to their roots; from the strength of why to the weightless when. Order stricken from discord and steel all the while "chaos" left behind. I contend that the natural essence of existence is order and this stasis of control a true chaos. Broadening the borders and lines made up in the sweat of an ordeal; let the problem solve itself every so often for if it's truly correct won't it happen on its own? No, but the majority speaks and imposing on them is an evil of its own rite. Will you read and know your enemy or refrain and do as you're told? Does it matter? Yes, but how much will it change. You have to think and prod and probe through everything and no 'one' has time or energy to stomach this. Believe as you will for you are no more right or wrong than anyone; only to yourself, but you must appeal to another to live. The feeling of the lonesome alone will squeeze the life from you, but when, where, why, how? You can't "know", you won't "know", you'll only feel and think, so what's better to feel or to think? Neither, they both exist because they both need be implemented in any given decision. If you never feel you are a machine, if you never think you are a beast; this is the basis of humanity. Respect the things that don't affect you because if you trace them they surely do, but it's how you think and feel that range these aspects of life in importance. The variants of these ribbons of time and matter are all connected, but scientist are playing a feeble little game in trying to track them all. The tree of life on its own is near limitless, let alone the fibers of the cosmos. Half intelligent jargon of false "knowing" and their theories based on theories that intern are also based on theories. I'm sure that most people understand the concept of proportions, if you take a chance of a chance the probability of a the suggested event occurring exponentially decreases. Of course obliteration of any field is self destructive, but so to is obsession. All things are necessary, the most tender and virtuous, the exceedingly vile and evil, because you don't pronounce right from wrong in knowing; there will always stray the exception, you find it in feeling and pondering. You are one and we are one in the same, the individual the mind, the herde is the body and neither can function without the other.