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Music is a tough industry in todays reality. especially if you live in Connecticut and want to play heavy metal. Although the metal fans and loyalty for this type of music are very strong and supportive which is why we keep pushing our boundaries and making sacrifices to bring our dreams to life. We are proud to say that there are still many metal bands around and some very talented. In todays music scene with pop and hip hop dominating the billboard charts we are still going against the grain and proving that even though metal in CT is underground we are still fighting and showing people that we can make a difference if we work hard. hopefully in the near future there will be more support from music venues and more big metal shows happening in CT and all over the US.

By: Gus Sinaro

Physics of Demise
Physics of Demise  (about 4 years ago)

Agreed 100% bro. Problem now a days is that the music scene is very one sided. If it's not the trendy garbage you hear on the radio now a days than most people won't even look twice in local band's directions.