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New song - Forever

Okay folks, new song recorded and uploaded, called "Forever". Maybe have a listen and a look at the lyrics? Best wishes for the new year - maybe me....

The Money Shot
The Money Shot  (about 1 year ago)

Jesus is my savior I have a reputation of bad behaviour, Good Luck on your travels, could I be you?. No matter what Gods' Love and forgiveness will always get you through. The Money Shot on reverbnation, it used to be called "The Fish: for your information. Good Luck and God Bless, Keep Faith in Jesus, because Kurt Cobain will do as he pleases. Damien baker 43 years of age, 27 of January, Perth Western Australia. How is that possible?. at one time or another you will go back.
Love thyself, Know thyself.

Maybe on YouTube

Turn me on, tune me in, try me out - Maybe finally made it to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWyQmTncfR_ABfm98tC_o-g You´ll find the first video made for a Maybe song there - have a look at Tune Me In. Filmed and directed by my good friend Snorre Tønset. Music and lyrics by Maybe me...

New Video - Tune Me In

Finally - the first ever Maybe-video to be published. Have a look and listen to Tune Me In, directed by my good friend Snorre Tonset. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8mB37NIlwM

Still Blue

Shadows are falling, still blue Shadows are falling, still blue

Have another cup of tee I am trying to let it be Sitting in my gallery with you Some love better than none After all I´m on the run Like a feeling fading and done Still blue

I need to feel reflections from your heart I need to see directions from the start

Have another bottle of wine I am trying to let it shine Standing at the edge of time With you Some love whatever you can After all I´m just a man Like a stranded sailor on land Still blue Shadows are falling, still blue Shadows are falling, still blue

At the End of the Day

Songs are playing in my world of indecision as the fog is moving in to cover everything Crowds are chanting as an ancient man get´s on his donkey back He ain´t riding into town to be a king

I´ll always blame it on conditions failing thee so Jesus, don´t cry for me

Thoughts are moving in my soul with curiosity and visions as the sunshine slips away to make it hard to see Men are praying as a carpenter is busy speaking out He ain´t trying to preach the word of infallibility

I´ll always blame it on confusion nailing thee so Jesus, don´t try for me yes Jesus, don´t sigh for me

Gifts are given as a newborn child is in his cradle dream He ain´t being born to heal the world

I´ll always blame it on dogmatic faith in thee so Jesus, don´t die for me Oh no

Songs are playing in my world of questioning and indecision

Traces of Lace
Traces of Lace  (almost 3 years ago)

Thoughtful musings . . . cool song

Tune Me In

Turn me on Tune me in Try me out Oh darling See me come Feel me sin Hear me shout and sing

I am a traveller in time you are the end of the line life is a cold lonesome ride I am a stranger and you you are my guide

Lay me down make me high play me games oh darling round and round tell me lies burn me flames and sing

Days and Nights

I am drifting, I´m drifting down the river of time. Where I´ll end up, I don´t really know and I don´t mind.

Always there will be days and nights, it´s dark and then it´s light. Never will there be ways to tell for sure which is right. Days or nights, which is truly right

I am floating, I´m floating in the circle of years. Where it takes me, I don´t really care, I have no fears.

I am searching. I´m searching for the ocean of love. How to find it? I don´t think I´ll get a sign from above.