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Secrret Spot fotoSHOOT

About two weeks ago, I was visiting my mom at home. After a night of scandalous adventures and nefarious characters I passed in my little sister’s bed (she’s gone for the summer). I am woken up the next morning around noon by my other little sister telling me that none other than Cut Norris, The Boss, is in the living room suited up ready for a fotoSHOOT. So I get up, brush my teeth, clean my tattoos and throw some shit on. We arrive at the rondevu point meet up with a fellow photoSHOOTER of Cut’s named Carey @mrcareking on Instagram, the keeper of the secret spot. To my very pleasant surprise we are also waiting for a young lady by the name of Joann @ivylubad. Needless to say I instantly became interested in the shoot from that point on. One thing lead to another and Cut Norris’ eye took it from there.

http://i878.photobucket.com/albums/ab346/youngct/5e99e1e8d1cd11e2959322000a1f9d56_7_zpsdc8d34c6.jpg http://i878.photobucket.com/albums/ab346/youngct/1c83f950d29611e2af2c22000a1f9069_7_zps2dbc7d82.jpg http://i878.photobucket.com/albums/ab346/youngct/IMG_5327_zps7359f78b.jpg

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