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This year(2013)

This year has be great for all of us in Mulberry Grove. We have all grown together to become a great band. We have had many people helping us along the way, and we want to thank all of them. You all know who you are. It all seems like it's flying by, nominated for a Georgia country award this year was awesome!!! Staying booked and trying new things and have some great fans too!!! WoW, what a year so far!! Now we'll finish it up with a bang!


We have the full band together now. It will not be long before we come to a city near you and rock some country music for you. We are excited about what is about to happen! Thank you for your continued support!

Gettin' it going

We have put a lot of time in this so far, and a lot of love as well. We hope that people will enjoy and relate to the music we play and write. So we play for a good crowd this coming Friday night, I have a feeling things are going to start moving fast from there. Buckle up and hold on! Here we go!!!!

here we go

We are just a bunch of country boys doing country music