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Everything is going well in my world.. Been very sick over the past week and a half but I'm almost over it. Flu season is fun! Anyway... Spent a lot of time this week finishing up Beyond the Fall's new release as well as the video for "Another Time". Everything is coming out great. My solo album is really shapeing into a great piece of work. Today I was working on lead guitar for a song called "Long Time Gone" great mix of blues,southern rock, and a little soul.. very eclectic mic of singer songwriter guitar in there too.. backed by a rock/souls bass line with some really deep blues guitar leads.. sounds killer.. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them in the "ask The Matt Fournier Project a question" on my reverb nation profile..

Till nex time

Mental Notes

Its hard sometimes being a career musician. The endless hours of practice and dedication, all for a few dollars at the end of the night. People bitch at you for not knowing a song they want to hear. Bar owners want to pay you in drinks and not cash. Apparently most of the world doesn't look at being a musician as a respectable career choice. There was a time when being a musician meant something. Musicians were the most respected people in communities.. In the middle ages music was leagally required at a lot of events. Musicians were a commodity and held in high regard. At this time it was not unheard of for a musician to make substantially more than a physician or the towns mayor. I get a little sad when I see great musicians hang up their instruments. Most of the time for shitty jobs where they know they don't belong, and don't get paid barely over minimum wage. I sincerely hope to see all the musicians I know stick it out and work their asses off to keep live music alive. I have been at this for a long time and it is fading away before our eyes. There are less and less great artists out there and the ones that are left have a hard time finding a place to get a solid gig. Thank god for the venues who still hold true to the fact people want to see live music. There is certainly a place for us out there , musicians... persevere and lets claim our place back! there will always be a call for live music.... as long as we keep playing.

Semi- Daily

Starting to feel very accomplished with this Doctor Fatfinger album.. Sonically , this album is certainly my best mixing work yet... so much power and musical sincerity.... Doesn't hurt that I wrote some good tunes to start with. If It gets the response from everyone that it has gotten from the few who have heard it so far, then Dr. FatFinger should be doing quite well in 2013.


Great Time as always at Bridge Street Tavern last night in Augusta. Played some old stuff ..some new stuff and everything in between. Today is saxophone time. Pete Richard is gonna be here laying some more sax down for the new Doctor FatFinger album. Recording and mixing is going great. We are about 60% done and we are moving fas for the finish line. We have been stalled several times over the past six months but have vowed to get it done as soon as humanly possible. here we go........

Semi-Daily Blog

New BTF song is near completion... only mastering is left. Video for Another Time is under way with a couple days of filming in the books. Hard working on such a tight budget but I'm getting that s### done. I'll be posting a teaser today to the MFP android app ... It is one of the songs of Doctor FatFinger's upcoming album... hope you all like it. It came out really good... I think the clip is about a min. I will release it to everyone else.. probably tomorrow. Tonight I'll be at Bridge Street Tavern In Augusta. Have a few new tunes if y'all wanna come hang out with me for a bit. Be safe, Have Fun, Take care of each other and I'll see ya soon...

The Matt Fournie rProject

Just want to throw a little info at everyone since it isn't explained in my bio... The Matt Fournier Project is an umbrella of musical avenues... It includes all of my musical endeavors... so you will get special offers through this site concerning BTF and Doctor FatFinger as well as special app content.. whatever Matt Fournier does musically is part of The Matt Fournier Project!! Thanks everyone and see you soon!!

Happy New Year!!

Had an awesome New years party @ Fastbreaks in Lewiston with all my friends! Doctor Fatfinger and Skosh ripped that place apart! (literally) We moved all the pool tables and arcade games so we could set up a sweet stage and dance floor! They asked us if we would maybe be interested in something annually. we decided to mull it over.

So.. now what..back to the grind. Its rehearsal with Beyond the fall tonight.. working on some new tunes. We have been steadily working on new music for about a month. We hope to have enough together by the end of the year to maybe record another EP. Really searching for that one special song.

As for Doctor Fatfinger... we are going to finish our current album that we have been working on for what seems like forever. See how that does for us and take it from there.

My solo album is going smooth. Some great tunes on this little project. Its slow going cause I have so much to do, and I'm working for the most part on my own, but, I really want this album to be what I envisioned, if I gotta take some time to make sure its right then so be it!!!

New Mobile app!!

Hey y'all! Got this new mobile app thingy! please feel free to leave comments or messages on my reverb nation page of ways I can improve this app. I will be posting blogs basically about everything, exclusively, to you app users! Thank you all so much for paying attention! You will also be the first people to receive notifications on new music! products!! special offers!! and of course EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!!!!!

New Music

I will start posting blogs about upcoming shows, new music among other things so keep a look out!