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Hosea, Gomer, & Kurt Cobain

In November 1993 MTV Unplugged taped a show with Nirvana. Many people at that time, including myself, were blown away by the beauty and depth displayed by the band, especially by Kurt Cobain. They finished the set with an incredibly stirring song, 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?' It was a cover of an old traditional folk song made popular by Leadbelly. The song and performance were amazing, but I always heard a different story trying to come out of that song. The story I always heard was of betrayal & unfailing love.

Hosea, the Prophet, was called by God to marry a 'harlot'. He was to continue pursuing Gomer while she would continue pursuing other men. He was to raise children, that may or may not have been his, with this woman. No one would have blamed Hosea for divorcing and moving on, in fact there were laws that would have him kill Gomer, but he remained faithful to and in love with his wife. God used this as an example of His Love for Israel despite their constant adulterous relationships with other gods.

Is it any wonder that the name Hosea is from the name Yeshua, which we know better as Jesus? Could there be any more literal way to show us, the Bride of Christ, how adulterous we can be? Even more, could there be any more beautiful way to show us how much Jesus Loves Us despite our unfaithfulness?

'Die No More' – My Lazarus Song

First of all, thank you so much for stopping by and checking out what I'm doing. A lot of people seem wary to check out my new song, 'Die No More', so I thought would print the lyrics & explain it a little more. This song was birthed out of a melody that I picked out on Abram, my mandolin. As I was finding the melody, the phrase 'To Die No More' just kept coming to me. I realized that despite the somber tone of the tune and the lyric, this was not a song about death at all, but resurrection. So this is my Lazarus song. Death to life. An experience that we all will share one day down the road. An experience that we all share right now as well. In rejecting sin and embracing Christ we are reborn. Death to life. Check out the (crudely recorded) song and lyrics on my band profile and join me & Lazarus as we fight to come back from sin and death and into light and life that only Jesus can bring.

Also check out John 11, James 1, and these quotes to see what inspired most of the lyrics.

"Lazarus – he already stinks." ~ Søren Kierkegaard

"'Who knows,' says Euripides, 'if life is not death, and death life?' 'For what can be more terrible than not to know whether one is alive or dead?'" ~ Lev Shestov


Yes, bars and churches. I have always been a big fan of grunge, blues, and folk music. There are stories of woe and tribulation to tell in those songs and once you bring Jesus into the mix, those are stories of redemption and resurrection. Those stories need to be told in bars as much as in churches. I love nothing more than sharing those stories with everyone through the songs that I sing.