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Update on Christmas CD!

Hello friends! I am so excited to tell you that my final 2 Christmas tracks for my Christmas CD have now been recorded. The guys in the studio really rocked! I am over the moon excited about these final two songs. One is and upbeat, to tapping song and the other a slow prayerful ballad. Now I need to schedule my trip to Nashville to do my vocals. Won't be much long and this Christmas CD will be in print!! Stay tuned!

Rick Hall
Rick Hall  (about 2 years ago)


Back from Nashville

Hi friends! I just returned from another trip to Nashville. My co writer and I recorded two new demo's. I hope you will enjoy the new music! Tammy

Co writing a new song!

Back at it again. Dave Woods and I are co writing again and have a new tune under way. Can't wait to get it finished up! Will post later. Have a great day all!

Two new demo's recorded

Hello! It's been way too long since I have written. Sorry bout that. Just got back from Nashville with my co writer. We have two new songs we just demo'd. One is called "I Can't Redeem Myself" and the other is called "One Heart." I will be uploading them soon. We are looking to pitch these to other artists to record. :) I hope you are all well!

Doing a demo for a friend

Hi all! I haven't posted in awhile. Currently I am doing a piano/vocal demo for a friend of mine here in my own studio. I hope to have it finished this weekend. It's a lovely Christian song. I hope she will like it when I am through.

Good morning!

Hello everyone! I hope you are finding inspiration on this cold, snowy Jaunuary day. Sometimes it's hard to find anything cheery at this time of year. Perhaps listening to and or writing some great music will do the trick. That is what I am going to try to do in the next few days! Have a great weekend!

Merry Chrismas everyone!

Well this time of year has snuck up on us real quick again. The years keep flipping on by. I don't know where they are going but I wish they would just slow down. I need some time to write some new music. But for now I am posting some covers of Chrismas songs I have been doing. God Bless and have a wonderful holiday season. Remember that "Jesus is the reason for the season!"

Heading to Nashville!

HI everyone! I am getting ready to do a brand new song! I can't wait to head to Nashville in October to record again. I will post the song when I get a copy. This is a real treat because I am not getting to record as much as I like due to being in college right now. Have a great day everyone and God Bless! Tammy

Still working on Christmas CD

Just wanted to let everyone know I am still working on my Christmas CD. It's been in the works for a couple of years now. I will eventually get it finished. I am in the midst of writing the last 3 to 4 songs. I hope your summer is going beautifully! Stay out of the heat! This heatwave is bad. Stay cool!

Finished a new song!

Tonight was so cool. My songwriting partner and I finished a song we had in the works for some time now via Skype. It was really awesome writing music through Skype. It does make it so much easier. Anyone else ever tried this?

Have a great evening! And a great work week coming up!