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Parties: SUBmission, RedHat & Battle of the Bands(presented by Reality Check TV)

Fun Party last night. TONS of people there. Thank you all so much for coming out and thank you for doing as little damage as you did to our rehearsal studio. I think our really nice glass coffe table is done for and the pink psychedelic bunny (featured in the Gallery Tour w/ Matt video) seems to be missing (bad karma if you stole it!!!)

We did our show with 80% new members (Matt moved to bass) from last time. I think that Silke Berlinn, me and the other Addictions played a might fine set... lots of good energy... good on-stage chemistry. Arsel provided some bluesy piano and some groovy organ parts and Liam guided us with thunder behind the drum kit. Silke, of course was fantastic... again.

I broke a guitar string and had a bunch of fucking equipment failures, but I recovered nicely and I think I banged out a fairly rocking performance (stood on speaker cab for final guitar solo in "Style").

Next up... the SUM/mission show on March 8th and then Red Hat on the 15th. I should mention that on March 14th will be the opening round of BATTLE of the BANDS at the Haight Street Fair at the Milk Bar in SF. On the bill are the Liz O Show, Baby & the Luves, and Midnight Raid.

Line -Up Changes: we will get by.

One thing I should mention... Floyd our former bassist has run off to Spain to live with lingerie model/fiance. We wish him the best in his new pursuits.

Meanwhile... we moved Matt over to bass and now have Arsel Hopkins on Piano/Keyboards. And tonight we have Liam on drums. Even though playing rock n' roll music is not as glamourous as basking on Mediterranean beach, and probably a lot less sensual than pouring hot coconut oil on a perfect female body... I think we will get by.

Big Party!!!

The first friday of every month, downtown Oakland blocks off the streets and we have a big crazy street party called the "Art Mummer". I believe it started about a decade ago with the warehouses in the 20 Grand area that evolved into a monthly night time Art Festival. It gets crazier and crazier each month.

For our part of the Mummer, we are throwing another BIG PARTY at Addiction Headquarters tonight. We have special guests Bad Coyote and Cum Stain. Silke and us Addictions plan to debut NEW material and hope to have additional footage of the party.

Rehearsed last night...went great. We have promoted Matt from Keyboards to Bass and now have Arsell Hopkins tickling the ivories.

Posted "Violent Moments" from rehearsal on our Facebook Page and have three or four additional video on the way. This party kicks off our thee gigs in three weeks. After the Art Mummer Party we have the infamous SUB/mission gig on March 8th and then we are appearing at Red Hat out in "negativeland" on the 15th.

Lots of stuff going on... much work to be done. I'm going on 4 hours sleep so I'm off to Narnia before I go move furniture around in preparation for the party.


Your Song

They say that Rock n' Roll is the art form of democracy. A composer dictating the notes to an orchestra is autocratic. Rock n' Roll is the result of voluntary association of free persons. Rock n' Roll is the result of hours and hours of arguing about where the chorus goes and how long this part should be and how that could be simpler and how we all need to play quieter and why this song sounds too much like that other song etc... Much like democracy, Rock n' Roll is an emergent organic process that is frustrating and unpleasant but usually brings about the best possible realistic result.

Silke Berlinn & the Addictions are headed to the recording studio next month. We are hoping to have SOMETHING finished by May 1st. We might only record one or two songs and make a demo... of if things go well we might have enough material for an EP... depends on how well the tracking session goes. I went to the very same studio three years ago with a project called Blingfish... we got SIX songs done. That's very ambitious.

So we can realistically complete one to six songs. But which ones? Asphalt Punk? Fantasy? You've Got Style? Dico Nazi?

Here is what we hope to do. We want YOU to pick our songs. We are going to post rough versions of our songs on our facebook band page that we will record in rehearsals. We want YOU and your FRIENDS to VOTE on which song must ABSOLUTELY be on the new record.

We are rehearsing tonight... and we are going to debut new material at our party on friday. So we will have "song nominees" up on the page by this weekend.

We want to make you a great record and we want you to like it. In fact, we want you to LOVE it. So vote for your favorite song so we can record EXACTLY what you desire. That way we can hand the DEMO to bookers and say: the people who like our music demanded that YOUR SONG be recorded... and YOUR SONG will be included in the set... and people will come to your club and get drunk so that they can hear YOUR SONG played live.

So vote for YOUR SONG!!!


Exponential Love

Last night our Facebook Band Page attained 13,000 likes while we were watching a band at the Knockout in the Mission. Things seem to be getting serious as far as Fb traffic. After doing some quick and fuzzy math on my napkin at La Santaneca De La Mission (great tacos... I highly recommend)... I figured we received on average of 250 likes per day when we were approaching 10K. Our next 3000 likes came at an average of 500 likes per day. This is Exponential Love!

Granted, most of these are in Asia (only one ocean away) but almost 20% of our "likes" are in California... 2600 local fans? That would easily sell out the Warfield.

Also... we got some STUDIO TIME booked. I don't know how much we will get done but I am hoping to have a nice sounding DEMO by the end of April... if not an EP w/ bonus live tracks.

Although we've really been foccusing on promoting our March 8th show... we are hosting an awesome party this Friday. We've got an art installation going, we have Bad Coyote and Cum Stain playing with us, and maybe Meat Hook and the Vital Organs too! (depends on how Meathook feeling that day). Silke Berlinn & the Addictions will also debut some NEW material. It's invite only but if you hit up Silke Berlinn, Eric Zodik, or the Silke Berlinn & the Addictions on Facebook we can PUT YOU ON THE LIST. I wish we could perform for all 2600 of our local fans or all 13,000 of our global fans... or at the very least get everybody drunk and loaded at our party... we will just have to do what little we can. I'm feeling the EXPONENTIAL LOVE around here... you guys are AWESOME.


Bloody Mess

I noticed that Bloody Mess became one of our "fans" yesterday on ReverbNation. I think this is one of the coolest things in the world.

Here's why: A long time ago... about 20 years ago... I was a confused and self-destructive high-school kid. One day me an this other self-destructive high-school kid took a whole bunch of MUSHROOMS and had a wild and groovy adventure. We wandered all over towed an ended up at at a cozy little venue called "the Channing Murray" This just so happened to be the night Bloody Mess and the Scabs (his band at the time) were playing. Mr. Mess managed to obtain a LIFETIME BANING from the Channing Murray that night. In addition to urinating on the audience (he peed on our friend Tom) he also managed to implant his vocal microphone up his anal cavity. He continued to sing the rest of the show WITH THAT MICROPHONE despite likely presence of fecal matter in near proximity of his nostrils and taste buds. (this is exactly why microphones are non-returnable at music stores) Quite a spectacular performance! It was a spectacle seered permanently into my psychedelically enhanced mind.

... so that was the first time I took mushrooms.


Ten Thousand Likes

the Silke Berlinn & the Addictions Facebook Band page has been up just over a month and we have received an overwhelming amount of support. In 40 days our band-page received TEN THOUSAND likes. To give you some perspective, 40 days is the same amount of time it usually takes God to flood the earth. We are now recieving 1000 new likes a day... likely to hit 20K by March 10th (daylight savings time.) I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who "likes" our band. We look forward to playing our music for the people we love.

-Eric Zodik