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Year of Pleasure (YOP)

Everybody is hard at work keeping their New Years Resolutions and I traditionally don't make resolutions for New Years however I do like to declare mantras and new attitudes for the new year!

I've decided that 2012 is the Year of Pleasure. This means that I'm going to start doing all the things I've always wanted to do in my life but never made time to. Everything from cruises, cooking classes,to Jet Skiing and anything I can think up in between is going to happen this year!

It also means that I'm going to be sharing some of this pleasure with my loving fans and friends! I'm going to be giving away more free gifts to you this year than ever before and I might even plan a few special play dates to kick it with you guys outside of work ;).

So stay tuned because the Year of Pleasure has already begun with the first stop being a weekend trip to Santo Domingo starting this Friday!!! Oooooo weeeeee! #YOP

To Tease & Please.....

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and if you've been in any store recently you may have noticed that they had V-Day merchandise up for sale before New Years Eve hit LOL. Regardless of whether your single, married, in a relationship or involved in something that's undefined, you deserve to get something special on V-Day and I'm here to share some tips on how you can keep it sexy for the holiday!

I recently took a chair dancing class with a good friend of mine, Ms. Essence Revealed. Essence is an AMAZING burlesque dancer who holds an MFA in performance from NYU and she has over 10 years of performance experience. The class was AMAZING! We were a small group (5 women, of all ages, sizes and races) and we worked in a dance studio which she converted to a very sensual and safe atmosphere complete with fresh fruits, water and candle light. She provided us with a brief history of world views on women's sexuality as well as the history of chair dancing. Then she gave us several different moves (my personal favorite were the 'ass class' where we practiced making it clap Ooooo weee) and gave us space to practice and come up with our own combinations and at the end of class we each performed a solo chair dance routine to a song of our choosing.

The experience was very empowering, I felt extremely beautiful (even though I definitely had on gym clothes) and sexy. I even created a lap dance play list and do dances for myself at home every now and then. The best part of the class was how much I learned about myself. People assume that because I perform erotic poetry that I'm 100% comfortable in my sexuality but you'd be surprised at how much of that is just fantasy and how much I'm still exploring and learning myself in that way.

So even if you don't have someone to share it with right now, I highly recommend that you take the class (I plan on taking it again) not for someone else but for yourself :)! You'll be surprised what you discover and you'll always have that tool in your bag of sexcellence when you do meet that special someone.

visit http://about.me/essencerevealed for class dates and rates.