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First presses of #strangebeds came back!!

Man...On one hand, I didn't get to actually release my music when I'd like but the first mixes came back and my goodness...there's a lot of growth that will be a pleasant surprise for my small, homely fanbase, a def treat

Back from the dead

Well, it has been waaaaaaay too log since my last blog, some of that is life as you'll find out soon via #strangebeds&&anime... Some of it has been just lack of motivation. None the less, I'm here and once again active and again the #1 RnB artist in the area. The new project will be releasing soon and free to download here and various other places around the net. I will have professional videos to accompany the music and some sharp interviews and fun vids coming too. Keep tuned and tell a friend or four.


well, the new year is fully underway and while I have had the same resolution every year since 98, this year it means more than ever. BE BETTER, DO BETTER...Go get pinkBox! While you're listening to that get ready for the new project 'strAngeBeds'...join the mailing list for exclusive previews coming soon...LEROY OUT

plainleroy says...

Merry Christmas world...spend time with family, enjoy each if you can. Many of us don't have that luxuary so IF you do, make sure your loved ones know you love them. ..LEROY OUT