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A killer review from Ken's Rockpile: Video Magazine

"A Heavy Band with a Distortion Groove that you will feel down to your toes. The Fuzz Tone WILL be turned up to 11 !!! The Bass will be Crushingly Heavy !! The Guitar will Slay you !! The Vocals will Groove you !!

This band is known for they're dualistic singing styles and heavy sound that hits like a sledge hammer. They dont disappoint. Songs like "Gag The Dog", a tune about fun, and "Begin" really show what Ian B. is capable of doing. A man that can flip from a metal voice to one that sounds like it was soaked with whiskey and served On The Rocks, is my kind of singer.

Mike T pounds the skins with a fervor providing a rock solid foundation for this band to build it's sound on. With all the Fuzz and distortion flying about it is this man that keeps the sound grounded with a pounding and driving backbeat that never stops.

Now that just leaves one man, Stone, manning guitar duties. If you see a man savagely stomping between sound effects boxes and picking like a madman, that would be this guy. There is a lot going on for one guy to carry here and he does it pretty stylishly. Keeping a nice crunching tone that has that distortion fuzz is always a sweet sound. While having to carve out the lead sounds as well is no easy task. He does it well.

This band demands a nice heavy, sledge hammer-like, in your face, bass sound. It needs to roll thru the crowd and shake the ground under your feet. These duties have been given to a new member to the band, Jamie. I am sure the band has chosen well knowing what they need from this position in the band. Heres to you, Jamie, and enjoying this new chance to Rock some people.

So catch these guys when you get the chance out there people !! As always heres some links to go show them some appreciation and give a listen to some tunes......"

More new fans to thank....

Greetings, kids! We want to take this time to thank you guys for "Liking" our FB page or "Fan"ning us on Reverbnation. It meens alot to us to have you guys on our side. As some of you know, we have gone through a little change in the last couple of months. We added Jamie to the fold as our bass player. He also plays in another local Portland band called Separation Of Sanity, and he is bad f'ing ass. Stay in touch and keep up to date as to what we are doing, not only on our Reverbnation page, but on our FB page at www.facebook.com/ditchdiggerportland. Thanks again for your support. DD

Things are looking up for us!

Good news. As some of you have noticed, the band is in full swing again and we have never felt better about things. We are excited about the new songs and the direction we are going (Not straying too far off, but maturing). Our Portland metal scene is blowing up with the help of some amazing people, such as M.I.R.P., JerBear Photography, Tabacat Photography, Rachel Tate, Musical Chaos Promotions, and many others. We can't forget about all of the bands who are staying humble and helping the scene out, too (Not going to name drop cause we don't want anyone getting butt hurt if we forgot ya). You know who you are. Most importantly.....YOU. THE FANS! We enjoy playing for you every single time. We are blown away everytime we see you guys at our shows, not to mention the growing numbers. We fucking love you all. 2013 has already started to be an exciting year for Ditch Digger. Thank you for that. More to come...................

We owe you the world!

Just going over the photos that have been uploaded, the last couple of weeks, and we personally want to thank you guys for being IN them! We see you all, as much as you can, time after time. Like our lead singer says, after every show we play for you, "We aren't shit without you!" If we forget a few, forgive us. You are heard and seen. We love the fuck outta ya! Thank you all for the support! Rachel Shaw Tate Separation Of Sanity *S.O.S* Proven Metalband Susie Welch Hall Katie Portland Kris Ashby and the rest of American Roulette Dirtnap-PDX STONECREEP JERBEAR photography Kingdom Under Fire Betrayed By Weakness On Enemy Soil (For some reason, I couldn't tag ya Gas Giant And All of the other bands that we have jammed with. The crew at Raven Ink Tattoos Holly Shaw and her man, Brad. Brittny Houghton Frani and Jessi (From California) Jon T. Cruz James Weaver Brandon Stone Bud Toker Carrinna Harris Charles Andersen Crystal Alway Felicia Massie (Who has made the trip from Seattle to jam with us a few times) Mat Murray Gordon Rivera Jessica Aaberge Jim Shierman John Birch Kelly Kin Marina May (You know who you are) Mike Farrell The Batman family Renee Keys Ashley Washer Rian "Ryn" Robert Ison Steven James Tipton (SLAYER!) Heather (Ex Ash St. lol) EVERYONE at The Ash St. Saloon Joe and everyone at The Red Room Mike Thrasher and everyone at The Hawthorne Theater THE REST OF YOU, WHO WE MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN.

We do this for the love of music. For the people who love music.

It has never mattered where we play, what spot we have in the line up, who is on the lineup, how much money we make (If any), How many bodies come in the doors, or how many drink tickets (the 2 in our band who drink) get. Our scene, here, is blowing up. Better than what it was 4 or 5 years ago.

Seriously, Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Ditch Digger

p.s. Go through our photos (on our FB page) and tag the shit out of yourselves. We wanna know who you are!

We are Ditch Digger

There is Southern Metal, Stoner Metal, then there is Northern Metal! Ditch Digger might be all of the above. No matter what, the music speaks for itself. In fact. The proof might be found in the live shows. Energy, honesty, and integrity are what the band delivers. Find out for yourself and make your own judgement. We are nothing without you!