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Hallowe'en was the offical release date of our album, 'The Tyburn Jig'. The title is taken from a historic colloquialism which described the death throes of a dying man or woman on the public gallows at Tyburn. Ironically, it was almost 228 years to the day since the gallows were last used. The final man to die on them was John Austin (a highwayman), on November 3rd 1783. But public hangings did not stop there. Unfortunately they merely shifted position to Newgate Prison, outside the debtor's door where the geographic bottleneck and crush of spectators frequently resulted in more deaths.

So there's a potted piece of criminal history for you all.

On Sunday night Ghostfire performed a 30 minute set at the Renaissance II 'mischief festival' @ The Dome in Tufnell Park. We were aided and abetted by our old muckers Savile Row and BB Blackdog who played earlier in the day. It was a cracking line-up and we were thoroughly impressed by the band on before us - they're called Bleak so check them out if you fancy. Steampunks attended, CDs were sold and people danced. Jenevieve is doing a splendid job of managing our merch stand - which looks bloody fantastic now. Well done gal!

In spite of some minor technical hiccups involving a dodgy patch lead and a postage stamp-sized stage, we rocked a fat one and we're hoping to set up some kind of UK tour with the Blackdog guys and other steampunk bands in the near future. Watch this space for details.

I (Andii) had a rather odd experience earlier in the day when I visited the newly opened Hobbycraft store at Staples Corner in north London. I'd popped in to buy some pens but was distracted by their book section, where two tomes about steampunk were on prominent display. One was about the prime makers and shakers on the scene, and contained chapters on quite a few of our personal aquantainces. Quite bizarre really but further evidence of how steampunk is spreading surreptitiously into the mainstream.