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Jesus-Divine To Be Featured On JL B.Hood's 'Brain Scatter 2''

JL B.Hood's highly anticipated project 'Brain Scatter 2' is set to release the latter half of 2013. produced by SmartAlec of Subliminal Beats, "Brain Scatter 2" features Jesus-Divine on "What You Heard" featuring Codak Carter. SmartAlec shows his range with this West Coast style banger complimented by some classic flows. Be sure to stay tuned for this is going to be a classic.

"Angels In Flight" ft. Stevie Stone - 'Faith Under Fire' - Prod. by SmartAlec

As the last half of the 2013 year approaches, more people are anticipating Stevie Stone's sophomore album release from Strange Music, '2 Birds 1 Stone'. Jesus only felt it was right to make his music heard, seeking a prime opportunity he chooses to release this as the 2nd single of the LP 'Faith Under Fire' produced entirely by SmartAlec (Subliminal Beats). This proves that timing is everything, and in order to get music heard by the masses, it's time to give up a banger!