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Beneath A Dying Sun, emerging from Fort Worth, TX is heavy hitting, punch-you-in-the-face metal, that creatively balances brutality and melodies to pull you in, strap you down, and leave you begging for more. Collectively inspired by acts from the local and national scene, the members of Beneath A Dying Sun bring every ounce of musical ambition and inspiration to the table. With their sinister eyes set on conquering the world, Beneath A Dying Sun will stop at nothing to achieve their collective dream and bring their heart-pounding metal to the eyes and ears of the nations.

Through immense dedication and what seemed like acts of fate, the members of Beneath A Dying Sun came together from across the DFW metroplex to form the most bone-crushing, ambitious metal band to date.

In the beginning, Dan (guitar) and Raz (keys/synth) jammed guitar together until Dan went with a friend to watch another band rehearse. There, Dan met Geoff (drums), who was the drummer for that band at the time, and decided to bring their mutual love for metal together to see what they could create. Geoff, naturally interested in pushing the project further, brought in a longtime friend, Paden (guitar) to help. At that time, Raz moved to bass to fill in the gap. They had decided to hold off on finding a vocalist until their music took shape. Practicing in a facility with lots of musicians running about, it wasn’t long before people started noticing their unique and brutal sound. Adam (bass) had heard their material and offered his services to the project. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Raz was temporarily removed from the lineup, and they brought in Adam to contribute. With their music taking shape and their natural ambition for progression kicking in, the brothers in Beneath A Dying Sun had decided to proceed forward with finding a singer. They came across a talented musician, Chase, who was also working on other projects at the time. However, needing a vocalist with their equal amount of devotion to a single project, they eventually decided to mutually part ways with Chase and start the hunt for a vocalist once again. Adam, who had been scouting on the sidelines, came across Alex (vocals), who was fronting another local band at the time. Little did Adam know, Alex was experiencing a rift within his own band as well, and it wasn’t long before he began looking for something else. Having the same love for metal and ambition that Beneath A Dying Sun needed, Alex auditioned and successfully joined the brotherhood. Within what seemed like just a few minutes, the band had started to find its true form. Shortly after Alex auditioned, Raz was brought back into the project, on keys, to finally bring it all together.

Now, ambitious and on the prowl, Beneath A Dying Sun is determined to bring their face-melting, hard-hitting metal to every individual they encounter, leaving no one left behind. Their equal amount of devotion and natural talent makes Beneath A Dying Sun a tough contender for the top of the Metal genre. Prepare for war, Beneath A Dying Sun is coming out swinging.