Very pleased to advise of a new song “YOU CAN DANCE”. This is a collaboration between FIONA MacMAHON, JULIAN WILSON and myself. I’ve long been a big admirer of Fiona who not only has the most outstandingly beautiful voice, but also possesses the natural ability to work out and perform vocal harmonies that sound truly delightful. It really has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with her on this song. Julian of course is a very good lyricist and friend of mine and I have collaborated with him on several occasions over the years. Vocals: Fiona MacMahon Lyrics: Julian Wilson Composer/instrumentation: Paul Dunn

Stolen Free

STOLEN FREE is a song I composed several years ago and songwriter Julian Wilson wrote the lyrics. Julian is an outstanding writer, amazingly prolific and you just can’t ignore his incredible talent. For some reason the song got filed away and forgotten about, so having been lost and found, it’s now been recorded by my daughter Beki.


JOE JAUNTY Just finished adding a few instrumental tracks to a song composed and performed by the talented singer/songwriter, Joe Jaunty. The song is called “Jo Humans” and Joe’s music can be heard on the following. http://joejaunty.bandcamp.com/....... http://joejaunty.bandcamp.com/music....... https://jauntykapps.bandcamp.com/releases....... https://thejoejaunty.bandcamp.com/


Getting close to releasing Beki’s first EP. The last few weeks has involved a lot of work editing the five songs that will make up the album. The mastering work has now been completed and we are very pleased with the end result. We are hoping to have the album up for download on Amazon, iTunes as well as in 600 other stores in 120 countries by the end of January. The album title will be “So Far Away” and will be under the band name of “Sirius”. The album will be used to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society as 100% of all royalties received will be paid direct to them. Further information will follow when to hand. Best wishes~Paul


THE PARTING GLASS is a beautiful Irish and Scottish traditional song, often sung with a gathering of friends at the end of an evening. I’ve never uploaded a cover song on here before, but I’ve recently come across a recording that my daughter Rebecca and I did of the song a few years ago. I hope you enjoy it.


Thank you Laura for producing such excellent lyrics for "Masterpiece" and allowing me the privilege of composing the melody to the song~ Laura's album "Forward to Somewhere" is available on iTunes and CD Baby.~See also: www.reverbnation.com/laurataylorwhitfield_____________ Laura Taylor Whitfield is a travel-stained singer songwriter, who has circled the globe many times over. Dreaming of balance & breaking through the veil of illusion to a place of peace. Rising out of all the unnecessary luggage that holds the fragile planet down. To help others reclaim their true inheritance is a huge part of her mission in her songs. Laura is a truly gifted and authentic artist, a classically trained accomplished stage actress, who always quotes “a good actor plays the truth!” This is a beautiful CD package, eye on every detail. Included is a 16 page art booklet insert with lyrics & photos. Laura spends her free time painting everything that is not nailed down around her. Laura Taylor Whitfield is primarily a gypsy poet, a one woman band, a real Bohemian, who tore her guitar out of its coffin and instead of penning any “You- done- me- wrong songs”, She chose to hold & compose things in a positive light. Joining in with a beautiful ensemble of talented souls , who planted some serious love on her in this project. She quotes “I don’t know where life is taking me….. but I am going forward to somewhere!” Laura Taylor Whitfield exudes peace & love on debut album "She brought a lot of honesty to the table," said "Forward to Somewhere" producer, Don Jaques, of Des Moines. "She writes about her own experiences, but she does it in a way that makes it universal." This is an album you will not regret! Laura Taylor Whitfield is the REAL deal!

Laura Taylor Whitfield
Laura Taylor Whitfield  (over 3 years ago)

sigh, thank you Dunny never Done! see ya at the summit kiddo!

PAUL DUNN - SONGWRITER  (over 3 years ago)

At the moment I couldn't make the foothills~Think I peaked too quickly in life!
Huggies from the Dunny's


Two exceptionally talented vocalists, Marie-Claire Calvet and Eamon Ireland combine to perform the above song that I wrote a few years ago. I then harboured rather ambitious plans to write a musical based on the tragic circumstances that culminated in the mass emigration of the Irish population during the 19th century. Well the dream is still there, but things have remained at a standstill for quite a while now, but hopefully I can draw on some inspiration in order to get the project rolling again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what would be the theme song from the musical, "In This Land".


A short clip made prior to mastering with vocals done by my daughter Beki. A collaboration with that "Word Wizard" Julian Wilson who never ceases to amaze me with his incredible ability to constantly produce lyrics of such outstanding quality.


The above album which resulted from a collaboration between myself and award winning singer songwriter Eamon Ireland was released by Optimum Records in September 2012. A sample track from the album, "Spinning Round" has now been uploaded onto this page for a brief period. A few other tracks can be heard on Reverbnation, Eamon Ireland and Paul Dunn Music. The album is available in CD format on Amazon.co.uk, but postal charges will apply to countries outside the UK. However it is also available on download with Amazon.com, iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody.


If anyone has come across the work of this talented artist, they could not fail to be impressed with the beauty of her voice and the incredible vocal range she has. This lady can really sing and has won several singing competitions in the US. She turned professional at the age of 13…yes 13! and has performed with various bands all over Western USA. Hit songwriter Don Goodman who is most famous for his hit song "Angels Amongst Us" was sufficiently impressed to engage her to do some demo work on his songs. She plays guitar and the piano and is also an extremely talented songwriter herself. She has recently released her first album of originals titled "Pixie Dust" which is available on Itunes, Amazon and her website Mikalene.com. I am delighted that Mikalene agreed to collaborate with Julian Wilson and myself on this song and we hope that you enjoy listening.

Vocals: Mikalene Ipson Composer: Paul Dunn Lyrics: Julian Wilson Instrumentation, Production and Arrangements: Paul Dunn Mastered by Forward Mastering.