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"Beyond Bloodied Banners Far And Haunted Winters Graven'

COMING SOON ! The forthcoming UKEM Records split release with Cruelty's Heart and Frostwork cd. Entitled "Beyond Bloodied Banners Far And Haunted Winters Graven' our scheduled release date is 04.04.14 Art has been handled by Níðhöggr Studio

Frostwork sign to Wodfreca Records!

Frostwork sign to Wodfreca Records!


The debut album from the mighty Frostwork is scheduled to be released by Wodfreca Records in November of 2012. Picking up where 2008's 'Rites of Winter' EP left off, Dagon has crafted an unholy ode to the dark side of Sunna's sky-ride ... one which should not be missed!

Download Now @ Bandcamp

The Rites Of Winter The First Storm is now ready for download at Bandcamp !


Frostwork - Update – 19.1.12 - Interview/ Album Art

Frostwork - Update – 19.1.12 Ave !

I am pleased to announce the name of the new release to be : LORE OF WINTER – EALDSPELL As mentioned in the last update all the album is now musically finished and I am currently about half the way though designing the Inlay and booklet. The front cover is done and is available to view on the FROSTWORKs Facebook and Myspace pages Keep posted for an exclusive first interview with FROSTWORK regarding the past and the present also news about new album on @ http://www.heavyhardmetalmania.net/ More updates soon


Frostwork - Update - 8.1.11

Frostwork - Update - 8.1.11

Ave !

All the tracks have been recorded, mixed and mastered. I am very content with the outcome. This release is a new era for Frostwork, The new material has a slightly darker adaptation to the sound and a more aggressive feel to the music.

The art work for the release is coming on very well and I feel it will compliment the music greatly, it is also near completion and when the cover is finalised, It will be uploaded to the relevant web sites. Thank you to everyone involved so far with this chapter of Frostwork. The wait will be soon over. “This is no imagery this is my reality, no ancient sorcery just primal ferocity!” More updates soon


Frostwork - Recording Update - 10.9.11

Recording is progressing well, One track is done and available to listen now. Four more tracks are now finished and ready to be mixed and mastered. Three more to go.

Until the release... please enjoy the new video for Frozen Veins Shed No Blood, which will be on the next cd. New Video For Frostwork !

Experience the ice and snow forming in your eyes as your life fades into the woods, you will feel no pain as " Frozen Veins Shed No Blood "