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Update Status

Here's a progress update. I have been in the studio recording my next song Captured. I'm told that I should make more of my songs Celtic, so I recorded a Celtic beat on my hand drum and added a great jiggy bass line. But it just didn't fit this song. I'll use these tracks either as an instrumental or apply it to another song. Captured has a Latin feel so I'm going to have to do it that way.

When I'm gigging with my hand drummer I am Jade and she is Magick. She is Latin and drumming is in her blood. So I'm going to bring her in to record on Captured because her Latin beats are amazing. So when its done I'll let you know here on Reverb Nation.

So to stay in genre, I will be releasing a series of EPs. Each with its own genre.

Take care and thank you again for listening.

Peace & Love JadeMagick

I'm often asked Why I write my songs

I'm often asked Why I write my songs so I have decided to let you in on the inspiration of each song.

I will begin with Ting.

Songwriters are usually highly emotional about tragic events that happen in the world. And it seems today there are more and more of these events. The event that inspired Ting happened on April 20,1999 here in Colorado, USA. Two senior students at Columbine High School in Jefferson County planned and implemented an attack on their school. The young men killed 12 students, 1 teacher and injured 21 other people. When they could not escape they committed suicide. This touched me very deeply, I suffered from sadness and depression for months. Never before had I heard of such a tragedy, so close to home. Where was the parenting to keep this from happening? Thus Ting was born.

The violin part you hear on this song is performed by Jacie McConnell. I wrote the introduction and the verse but the solo is all hers.

If you would like to have a mp3 of Ting go to my website, jademagick.com, and click on the download button and I will email you a copy.

Peace & Love JadeMagick aka/Elda C. Dellinger

The Colorado Medieval Festival

Festivals are soooo much fun! I had a blast doing the Colorado Medieval Festival. 8 hours in the blistering Colorado sun but the crowd was superb. This is my genre since my music is the kind that was played in castles. I got a generous amount of tips and sold 2 CD's.

I also had great time telling the story of the Township of Pied to children and adults alike. My mother would have been proud, she always said I missed my calling because I was such a drama queen as a child. She thought I should have been an actress.

I have 2 music videos of songs, Flight into the Light and Changeling and 2 videos of my story telling. My friend who was running the camera was still learning how to use it so the story is not complete but you can get the gist of it from the two. Please watch and enjoy. Thank you for being a patron of the arts. Peace & Love Elda aka/JadeMagick

My all female band Dangerous Curves looking for 4th member

At this point in time we have the core band: Guitar, Bass, Drums and vocals. We are seeking another female member. Rhythm guitar and/or keyboard with vocals.

Changeline loved by producer

Here's what Tony Bucher CEO/President - Gracie Productions said when I submitted Changeling for a commercial licensing contract: "Wow, really loved this song! Not quite what I'm looking for (I'm looking for a bit more of a tropical feel). However, I wanted to make sure to drop you a personal note and let you know how much I loved this!"

JadeMagick in the charts

Congratulations, JadeMagick's song(s) currently in Top 10 N1M Charts:

"Ting" is #7 for All Genres in United States, Colorado

"Changeling" is #11 for All Genres in United States, Colorado

"Peaceful Embrace" is #13 for All Genres in United States, Colorado

"Just A Dream Away" is #15 for All Genres in United States, Colorado

Keep It Up! Please note that N1M Charts are changing in real time.

Fans Adoration:

Your voice send shivers down my spine which means that you are true talent! keep me updated as much as possible. Merrill

Hi your song, Changeling, is really captivating. how did you write it? you are talent. Thanks God for blessing you. I am impressed by you. Leslie

I just wanna let u know that Ting is my 6 year old son's FAVORITE song! He knows every word and requests it everytime!) Gena

I remember bumping my addiction to "The Tween" in the cab turning all my customers on to your music. I am sure you are making it big. Keep it on. Allison

Collage is up and coming

Our all female band named Collage just played their first public performance. We rock!

Members: Sophie West-lead vocals, Laurel Mayhew-guitar & vocals, Pam Tomkins-keys & vocals, Elda Dellinger-bass & vocals and Becky Williams-drums

Another Radio Station has picked up JADA

Here's the link to the radio station:

http://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/directory.cgi?searchdesc=JadeMagick Play lineup:

Emmett North, Jr. In The Zone Wil Hinkson Time Is An Instrument BreasMan BreasMan & Mequal Attention Haze de Balkaner 3 Schritte breakmyfall Saints And Sinners The Finite Beings The Adversary Astronauts Of Inner Space Confront Joe Michael Kulbago Leading Me On Bigplaytae Lookin Rey T Badunkadunk Zarko Offering My Song Bela Culo Hot Enuff The Finite Beings Stubborn Creatures The Sidleys Bittersweet John Edwin Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea Nicholas Wolex I'm Sorry Al Green Love And Happiness Raymond Simmons Hot Percussion Licks Part 1 Keith Williams Under My Skin Keith Williams Wee Small Hours Babble Touched By Angels Soul Generation That's The Way It's Got To Be Soul Generation Body And Soul (Live) Honeycone Girls It Ain't Easy Dusty Springfield Girls It Ain't Easy 4 Corners Girls It Ain't Easy The Temptations Losing You - David Ruffin The Temptations Losing You - Dennis Edwards Bruce Springsteen Born To Run Carla Thomas Gee Whiz Etta James Tell Mama Keith Richards I Wanna Hold You Al Green Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy) Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes Satisfaction Guaranteed En Vogue Don't Let Go Raymond Simmons Station Identification Brenda Holloway Just Look What You've Done The Diplomats Here's A Heart The Performers Set Me Free The Dramatics Toast To The Fool Rolling Stones Satisfaction Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way Hole Awful Rhythm And Green Carry On The Young Hearts I've Got Love For My Baby Curtis Mayfield Move On Up (Live In Europe) Tiki Black Listen JadeMagick Just A Dream Away Arek Religa Changes Alan Jarvis One More Endless Summer George Thomas Don't Hide Your Love Atticus Finch Until You Fall Olio Rich People Problems Peter Foerster Setting Sun BreasMan Nah Act Right Nejma Shea Endangered Species Jesurun Israel Relieve Us Is Royal ft. JAH Music Denis J. Quilligan, Jr. Move Me Sway Me Keith Williams My Funny Valentine Kali Sanna Let It Burn Mark Turns February 2012. Are You Seeing Their Faces? G. Dott G. Dott Wreckin EKIL NOTTOC Mystify-Remix AG Angus McKerracher Awakening Katelyn McCarter Free From Me Sonic Snafu Are You Listening Big Maine We Hott Turtle Recall The Night Is Ours


Go listen, everytime my song is played I get a royalty.

Peace & Love Elda

Just A Dream Away picked up!

A big name producer has picked up Justa Dream Away to pitch to Disney and other film producers. Wooo Hooooo!