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Make sure to check out the dates section as we have posted new dates for the festival! Fabuloso!

New Website!

Hey guys! Feel free to peruse the new www.dawnoverzero.com !

There will be new merch available here very shortly!

Updates, Happenings and Gouda logs...

Hey guys ! It's been a while since we've thrown an update up here but there's the quick jist of things:

1. Grab the new single : 'Carry Me Home' - available everywhere online!

2. The new record ' Unity and Division' drops everywhere Sept 11' !

3. We are in the top 10 here in Austin!

4. Make sure to add us to your twitter and/ or facebook account for constant news and updates

5. We like snuffalupogus


The DOZ ninjas are almost out of training camp!

Love missiles - DOZ

DOZ Update

We have a full studio schedule through the end of June and are really excited to be getting some new music out there! In the mean time, we have also started hitting the road again with what most of our friends would call a "New Line Up". Hit us up, See you soon!