Sorry for the "likes"...

Hello Everyone, we would like to say something as a bandpage on FaceBook : Don't expect us to "like" your page in a FB way : COS' WE ONLY HAVE A FB BANDPAGE!! ... - We don't have, don't want and have no need for personal FaceBook page. - We're here simply because we had to; in order to have access to some reverbnation pro services, as musicians. - Simple as that. - We think that FB sucks, in a lot of vicious ways we don't agree with. - We don't like their policy about privacy and censorship... - We prefere to be where musicians should be; revebnation, myspace and this kind of sites : places made for artists, by artists....... As an artist on FB, you do'nt have the right to do anything, can't search for friends and simple stuff like that... unless you (over)pay for some virtual services that sucks as much... - This is our statement about this matter.

Really sorry if this cause you any problem of any kind, but you'll have to deal with this. Thank you very much for your support, anyway, And please don't take it personal. That's the way it is. THIS WORLD CAN REALLY DO MORE AND BETTER WITHOUT FACEBOOK !! WE ALREADY HAVE INTERNET!! So why would we need people like FB to connect to eachother, to be related to eachother??? Are we all this stupid??? ... and if we can do something else that not includes FB, feel free to ask for our support, and we'll be more than happy to do it. HONESTLY, We can all support anyone who needs, without passing throught FB - THX very much, Regards Loltheus from Quantum D

PS : We don't have any personal tweeter account as well.

Check this out! a must see

one ultimate documentary : THRIVE one word : YES one link http://www.thrivemovement.com/home

u can watch it in several languages, and it's free... and no bullshit! Just enjoy! LoL