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I know its that time of year- but I've been getting some great presents- new songs flowing out and getting on the board!!! New CD isnt due out till Jan and I'm starting the next one- love it


It breaks my heart the events of today..and its not just here..Today a school in China had 20 children injured by a man with a knife..Its not the weapons- its the lack of respect for life. We have lost the realization of how precious and fragile each life is...I'm not being political or judgemental...just filled with empathy for the loss that loved ones are feeling...May God bring you some peace...


Hey I know everyone gets bombarded with "likes and requests" but please know the reason behind mine- helping to get clean water to people in need..Profits from sales of my new music will go to orgs. that are focused on bringing clean water to underprivelidged countries- a much needed resource we sometimes take for granted- thanks!!


Hey- just wanted everyone to know I'm excited about getting my music out!! And I'm hoping I can raise some money for the clean water missions thru the sales of this single and the upcoming CD..I feel these songs will connect and resonate with alot of people.