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Just heard the vocal track for our next song.

All I can say is HOLY CRAP! ...can't wait to release this one =0

New songs coming soon

We now have 4 new songs in the pipeline. Hopefully not too much longer to release at least one of them for yaz!

Mixdown madness

Scott is busy slaving away over a hot mastering machine or whatever it is that masters music - working on 2 new songs. They sound great so far. We might post a snippet of how they are sounding sometime today ;)

Hot enough for ya?

Anyone from outside Aus. wondering why our old photos included band members without their shirts - it wasn't to be cool, it was to keep cool! (i'm sticking to that story anyways). Weather forecast for Keith's location today... (about 104 in farenheit) http://www.weatherzone.com.au/nsw/riverina/albury

Home safe

Keith is home safe after a relaxing holiday on the NSW Central coast (well it was relaxing until the massive heatwave hit & there was a National bushfire alert!). At least if he was going to be stuck anywhere for an extra day or so, it was somewhere scenic ;-)

Heading for 200!

Awesome to see we are headed for 200 fans on Reverb :) Can't wait to release our news songs and start recording some more.

#1 ;)

Apparition @ #1 ! Thanks again to everybody for supporting our band. You've helped us to #1 on our Local Metal Charts. We have many more songs to record and share with you this year. Apparition is amazed at the interest in songs we wrote almost 20yrs ago. Whether our style has come back into vogue, or we have invoked nostalgia in people - dunno?. We have always stayed true to the music "we like to play" and just had fun doing it. \m/

WorldWide Metal

Very cool to be chatting today with people from all over the world. Made some great friends with "Malice" from the USA, and spoke with the very unique "Angband" from Tehran today as well. So cool that our style of music, although seen from the outside world as violent and anti-social, is actually a very tight community, and deserves none of these negative stereotypes. I can say from personal experience that being in the thick of massive crowds of headbangers at concerts is a very safe place to be. I've been in the middle of 50,000+ crowds and experienced nothing but love for Metal and courtesy all round. (rant_complete)

150 + fans!

We've passed the 150 mark. So happy and thanks to everyone for the support you have given us! Keep sharing the metal guys \m/


Well Keith is enjoying a holiday on the NSW Central Coast, and Mark is away on the South West Coast of Victoria. Scott and I are slaving away here (well at least Scott is) tirelessly working on new material. Actually that's bullshit, we are slowly working on new material. Well it was 44 degrees Celsius here yesterday so pls cut us a break. I tried to go out to my recording shed but it was like 60c out there so I high-tailed it back inside. Maybe some more music today, or I could fit those nice new pickups to my guitar? hmmm....