Apparition / Blog

Almost there!

Just putting the final touches into our next release. Won't be long now till we can share it with you all. We're also approaching another milestone. We now have 492 fans on Reverbnation. Come on guys, spread the word to a few of your mates and help us make it to 500 \m/ ;-)

All Tracks done

We've received all tracks from everyone for our next song. Started working on the mix today. Another song with a big sound coming your way soon :)


We've had a bit of a break from recording over the last couple of weeks, but we're now about half way into our next song. Gonna be another killer ;)

Another new song in the works

Well the Hangman has been and gone, so lots of work has commenced on our next release. Sounding very nice so far even in the early stages of laying down tracks :)

Beware The Hangman

Make ready. The countdown has begun for our biggest song release yet.

Freak'n Heavy as!

We've begun adding vocals to our next track. Make ready for our heaviest release yet over the coming days. \m/ \m/

Apparition - now with 50% more metal!

Been working hard on our next song release. We've tried some new things, and we're sure you will enjoy the massive sounds we have created on this one. Also good to return to our bread & butter - a 6 minute song after that short one last time ;) Shouldn't be too many days away now. Stay tuned \m/ \m/

More metal \m/

We've been busy working on fattening up our sound even more. The next song release will be the heaviest yet =0


Our next song is well underway. Drum tracks are complete and guitars are about 1/2 way there. Sounding 'huge' even in its early stages ;)

Prototype T-Shirt Design

We recently designed a band T-Shirt, and have just received the first prototype. May we say that it is looking very cool! Yes we may \m/ We shall share a photo with you all of what it looks like in the near future :)