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Carmina of Dolorem

CVC is on the compilation "Carmina of Dolorem" from the french label "Dolorem Records", with bands such as Dysmorphic, Savage Annihilation, Slave One... You can listen and download it on this page:


Grind On!

"In Grindo Veritas"

Crash Victim Cannibalism is proud to annonce that we are on the next Kaotoxin compilation called "In Grindo Veritas". The compilation will be sent to Dan O'Hare (Total Fucking Destruction, Brutal Truth...) for mastering next week. Full artwork, tracklist and other details to be unveiled through VS-webzine late December / early January! GRIND ON, MOFOZ! "In Grindo Veritas (a collective work of french grindcore intoxication)"

TRACK LISTING: 01. NOLENTIA "Broken toys" 02. DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION "Vino, vidi, vici" 03. GRIST_"Another grey day" / "Tears in rain" 04. INFECTED SOCIETY_"Stop, think, change" 05. TREPAN'DEAD "Reborn" 06. MASSIVE CHARGE "That's it" 07. CRASH VICTIM CANNIBALISM "Get it faster (in the face)" 08. INFEST "Perfection of darbafar" 09. FAXE - "Steven senegal" / "Amy was a straight edge" 10. THE WASHINGTONIANS "SOTW" 11. YATTAI "New order" 12. VENGEANCE "Fuck your grindcore" 13. VENGEANCE "You piss me off" 14. UNSU "Save the planet, kill yourself" 15. GRIND-O-MATIC "Poseidon's wrath 16. LOVGUN "Ella" 17. LOVGUN "Natalie" 18. GRÜNT GRÜNT "Sammy's japanese world cup" 19. GRÜNT GRÜNT "Holydays in syria" 20. WARFUCK "La gloire" 21. WARFUCK "Méphisto" 22. ATARA "Better screwed cold..." 23. DEFECAL OF GERB "Ass of ped" 24. GRONIBARD_"Morceau sans titre" 25. COAG "We mean war" 26. HAUT&COURT "Collision 27. ESSEN MEIN SCHEISSE "Fucka 'n shit" 28. EATING SHIT "Psychomenteus 7" 29. MULK "Bucco-rectal" 30. BLUE HERPS "Gills" 31. BLUE HERPS "Teratome" 32. DEVOUR THE FETUS "Six months after" 33. SATANIC MORPHINE "Coroner" 34. UNTAMED "Fish not born" 35. DEGRADED "Antispeciesist action" 36. TEMESTA "Aidez-moi" 37. INCRUST "Nameless" 38. PULMONARY FIBROSIS "Fermenting juices of hepatic secretion" 39. FOETAL INJURY "Evangelists of weakness" 40. EMBRYOPATHIA "Fetid putrefactive brains" 41. DIKTAT "Revenge of the nebulae"

- Artwork by: Luis Sendon - Curated by: Flo / Department Of Correction - Mastered by: Dan / Total Fucking Destruction - Promoted by: Scott & Ryan / Clawhammer PR - Sponsored by: VS Webzine

RELEASE DATE: First quarter 2013.