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This Whole Crazy Thing's Begun Lyrics

This Whold Crazy Thing's Begun


It wasn't much too long ago Before the eaves hung fallen snow above me That you told me that I had to go You'd seen this song and dance before you'd loved me

CHORUS: I want you to forgive me For doing what I've done I just don't see the point If we're not having any fun It seems I couldn't love you From the moment that This whole crazy thing's begun


It's all about your point of view And all the lies you're seein' through are hurtin' But, if you set me up to play the fool You must expect the golden rule to be workin' (Chorus)

We're left with just one thing to do To make what we've been going through all worth it We stop right here while we're ahead Accept old patterns, forge ahead I'm sure of it (Chorus)

Camp Serene Lyrics

Camp Serene

CHORUS: Come take a ride in the sky with me Come take a ride in the sky with me Meet me in the middle of Camp Serene In the sky, in the sky with me

If you, like the gypsy, when the northern winds blow. Let 'em turn your direction on towards Mexico In south Junction City you'll find 36 Head on out towards the ocean and getting your kicks (Chorus)

On westward, on westward you are nearly there The forest will thicken that wind in your hair Take a left on to Noti at Poodle Creek Road Another left at the Archer to my second home (Chorus)

Bring your circle of friends 'cause they're all welcome here Bring the family, bring the dog and don't forget the beer So, won't you come spend the night here and we'll right all your wrongs Won't you help me in singin' this disc golfin' song? (Chorus)