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Busy week

Busy week ahead. In the studio tonight working on vocals for my Christmas song. Tomorrow night I have a concert at the Park and then a weekend of Country Music. Yay!


Hey everyone, it's sometimes difficult to send each and every person/group/musician a thank-you. And I just wanted to send out a BIG Thank-you to all of you for supporting my music, either through being a fan, playing, sharing and liking my music or through the wonderful comments and messages I have received. It's so great that we can all support each other no matter what genre of music we sing or play. Thanks again.

This weekend

I will be attending the Quinte Classic Country Jamboree tonight in Belleville, ON Apr 13 Tomorrow Apr. 14 I will be performing at the Frankford Legion at the Phil Cook Benefit concert. from 1-4 pm. Then at About 6:25 pm I will have a radio interview on myFM across most of Ontario. Have a fun and Safe weekend!http://www.myfmradio.ca/