Hard Rock Contest

Update on contest: First and most important we would like to thank all of or friends and fans for supporting us in getting into this contest. We played a very strong set with very good crowd reaction but in the end we didn't move on to the next round much to many in the audiences and our surprise. It was a great experience for the band and we wish all involved the best of luck. Rock on!! BRS

See What The Fans out saying about Burning Red Sun

Please Keep in Mind these people are not friends of our and just love our music! reviews will be posted by song title: What She Said! Great tune i could really relate to the lyrics, and the guitar was giving me goose bumbs, really awesome tune, id recomend this to all the rockers out their, keep rockin. Great track, nice vocals, great match between voice and music. I think you could do well in the future. Tempo is just right for the lyrics Lovely violins on this one the piano is a great caccompliment the guitars pick up speed as well and the sound has a rock pop and punk sound all rolled into one Good rock and roll song. Nice melody and the drumming is excellent.The lyrics and singing are pleasing to ear.Pleasant voice with nice tone. Liking the piano keyboard. Good cohesion with this band.Nice message in song too very good delivery. Accomplished musicians.THumbs up