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I Am Here In A House In Washington.

Wow. Can anyone in their right minds believe that little Lex decided to pick up her bags and move out across country? Not tell a single friend and very few family members that she left? Ha, I can't believe it either. Now I am here. In the state of Washington, where Death Cab For Cutie got their start. This is amazing to me. I never thought I'd have enough courage to make it out here on my own, and now look at me! I'm making a name out here in this state, I have a wonderful(not to mention super smart and talented and beautiful and sophisticated and just all around amazing) partner. Okay, we're just dating. Anyways, I feel like things are really starting to come together. My music is starting to take a new fold in it's life, I'm getting ready to start working full-time for a very well known organization, I have my own apartment, and I am working on getting a vehicle and starting school soon, too. I miss my friends and family from the mid-west terribly, though. I've vented very little about how much it upsets me that I could not take my whole Illinois life with me. It's sometimes too hard for me to really cope with. I've began writing songs about my grandfather. I miss him most of all. I hardly keep contact with him, and I've found out that he's been going through a few ups and downs now. ---SPOILER ALERT--- For anyone who doesn't know, my grandpa is the reason for anything and everything as to why I play and write music. ------ I know my family is very proud of me. I mean, common, I turned 21 and the first thing I did was hop on a plane and get my life straightened out. So, anyways, it's like 3 am. I'm done typing for the morning. I'm sleepy, and I'm sure my cuddle buddy would like it if I finally laid down now.

Goodnight all, and sweet dreams from the Pacific Northwest!

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