Single "Love Comes Quickly" Released

My first single "Love Comes Quickly" from my album CICADA was released in January. The full album will be out in late February. This is a very different sound for me and I am really excited! The single has already played on the radio in europe.


Well it took a bit longer then I planned! Working on a few other songs and then "voila!" I will release a single of my late father's hit "Tis Autumn" first. So stay tuned :)


Well almost half way through everyone! SO excited about the new direction my music is going. More of an electronic vibe. A few covers also! Robbie Vinton just stopped in the studio to play bass and guitar to some of the tracks. His funky bass line on one of the singles is awesome! SO excited! Other people involved in new recording are Lance McCloud (co-writing a few songs and also doing some vocals) and Maurice Gainen (who I have worked with on various projects for 20 years). Maurice plays some lovely flute on my other single also! Who knows who will stop by in the next few months!

New Album, New Music!!

Back with my old crew in LA and also working with an awesome young and very talented band on my Blues/Soul album....Hoping to have most recorded by Christmas!!! As they say...."progress!!!"

Been A While....

Well been writing a lot of new cool songs! Plan on recording a blues album this year. Hopefully with David Loft or some friends in California. I'm planning on being in Europe this Summer to perform and do some interviews there. I will let you know when I'm back in the studio! Hopefully soon!

New Music 2008

Hey there! I'm excited about the new music!

Check out my new song "Waiting For You" (that I wrote with David Lofts) and recorded with his band "Bohemia Road" when I was in England. I'm hoping that I can complete my new album with them. We had a fantastic time. David Lofts has been working on the mixes in the UK. My songs from my last album "Plastic Wonderland" are also up on the player. Hopefully all of the new songs will be up here soon!