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The band

I rarely agree with anyone when it comes to music (or what passes for music in my twisted world). So my band consists of me. I sometimes list my late friend Ricky. That's because we had plans. But he passed. So it's hard for him to play now. I'm self taught, so there are plenty of mistakes. And lacking the time or energy to fix them, I post imperfect pieces. So it goes.

Two Things In Life

As a young and impressionable college student, I sat slack-jawed in Professor Griffith's Literature class at University of Oregon, and he explained life. In all the years since, I haven't read, seen or heard it explained any better. Simply put, we live in a duplicitous world. There is the known. There is the unknown. Just like there are night and day. So I sit and write. My topic: Hope? Or despair? I'll be lucky if I can find a piece of paper.

Trying Harder

Listening to a playback before I post another half-baked musical misery tour. Then it hit me. That little bit I liked. Don't just settle. Work on it. Make the parts come to some resolution. Work that lick into a transition. Write some words that fit the phrasing that made you begin in the first place. These are things I can do. They require time, and effort. Aww hell. Think I'll just post the piece of crap. And end it.

The jar is empty

When I was young, words flowed like stale beer on Sunday morning. I wrote pages and pages of lyrics, and some of them were good. Now, not so much. It's like I was driving all night, and came over a rise, and saw my destination in the soft light of the setting sun. And inspiration washed over me like a little wave on the social security beach. And I begin to write the song that will re-define all songs. And then I realize; "it's only words." But words are all I have. Shit. Stole another one.

The Pile of Ideas

The making of the music is really for the young, the single, or the chronically unemployed. I can't get anything done in less than three hours. And then people are wanting to know just what the hell is so important that I can't come out for dinner. "The red light, I say, the red light is on!"

Patience, grasshopper.

I will admit to posting material that is flawed, incomplete or otherwise unworthy. While driving down the road I hear the part or correction I should have done. But then I go "Naw. Too much work." Then I see something sparkely, and chase after it.

Ernie Head

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