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World of Illusion --- Defines problem Is This Freedom --- Defines problems You've got a right to be mad --- Defines and acknowledge Look who's stopping now --- Defines self short sightedness Liars and fools ---Defines self as problem luxury hotel --- Defines self as problem Water --- Suggests compassion as solution Ill Wait for you ---Suggests we are all in this together Wind Over --- Recommends love as solution All we need is love --- Love as solution Don't Walk Away --- Encourages not to give up

Mission Statement: The Freeman Project is a musical exploration of life in the USA today. We acknowledge that liberty is a fundamental necessity for exploring our existence. The fact that all power rightly belongs to the individual does not deter the power elites attempts to control everything and everyone. It is only by embracing our individual power and rejecting central control that we can explore this world as we see fit and evolve. All change comes from within the individual and subsequently manifested in the world. Without the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them our evolution is greatly impeded.

Aggression Statment: We as a people must reject the notion that aggression is ever an acceptable solution to our problems. It is never acceptable for individuals, local, state, or federal governments to use aggression. Problem solving should be done through love, truth, compassion and understanding. If the state assumes the authority to use aggression when it's interests are threatened it can be used as justification for individuals to do the same. Aggression should never be mistaken for Defense and visa-versa. Defense is the proper and just reaction to aggression.

Look Who's stopping Now

you really cant see them stopping ahead you really cant see the lights turning red

you put the peddle to the floor board baby you love to hear that engine roar

you really dont need E S P You don't need X-ray vision to see

up a head about a ¼ mile all the cars linning up single file oh yeahhh Look who stopping now ::

u cant let some one else get ahead your pride would rather see them all dead you got 20 freeking seconds of glory but you completely miss the bigger story yeah.. Chorus::

You've Got a Right to be Mad

You've got a right to mad you've got a right to mad everyone is oh so properly indoctrinated oh so totally violated you've got a right to be mad.

Its a story as old as the world how the powerful lie and leads us to die, while doing their will, till we no longer feel

you've got a right to be mad, you've got a right to be mad when everything that we had's been raped by the politicians narcissistic worldly visions you got a right to mad.

Its a story of innocent slaves worked like a mule till they're placed in the grave but theres no one to blame, their masters are hidden away by the media's lies and the memories of what we had...................

you got a right to be mad. you've got a right to mad you've got a right to mad

when they stealing your life away with a smile on their face, waving our flag all over the Place.. waging war …. against the whole human race....

you've got a right to be mad

Is This Freedom

(Am) raised to believe in our God and our country

(F) Raised to believe in the good of mankind

(G E7 Am ) woe woe this is freedom vs. couldn’t find work as an honest man would Didn’t have money for school if he could woe woe is this freedom

Chorus: (F) the rich getting richer from blood from the field (AM) poor getting poorer there fate has been sealed (F) how can they live with this blood on they’re hands (E7) knowing there’s plenty for each fellow man vs. told we are hated in far away lands - told that the army would make him a man woe woe is this freedom vs. now he's at rest with his brothers in arms family just buried their good luck charms woe woe is this freedom vs. mother in tears as she stands by the grave Children saluting the home of the brave woe woe is this freedom Chorus: can we be callous and while weaker men die taking the plunder and and closing our eye seeing that leaders are drunken with pride herd us like cattle, knowing they lied vs. blown from his body his arm disappears torn through his mind in anguish and tears woe woe is this freedom

World of Illusion

Don't tell me how to think and I wont tell you where to stick it.

I'm not buying that you care for the weak and down trotted masses

Don't tell me where to go when you can tell me how to get there Everybody knows you treat us like were sheeple not people, cattle not men...

We're living in a world of illusion held together by our common beliefs we're told what to think and we believe it ….... we're afraid be free

They want you to do just what they want you to do no descent, no reason, no thought of your own. We're living in a world of illusion. : : ; Don't tell me how to feel this world you've made it isn't real time and time again were told our freedom is granted by people as long as we act as their dutiful slaves.

tax the rich and screw the poor, tell them that there ain't no more work them hard until they die. keep them fighting over lies Teach them how to be afraid. Tell them there's no other way Take their guns and dignity. profits out weigh liberty. Find the truth, change your life, light the way back home

were living in a world of illusion held together by our common beliefs don't buy the Establishments solution….... be brave and be free

Stand up and do what you've always known you should do

don't believe the TV liberty starts with you