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Have Musician Will Travel

I am close enough to DC that I will begin to lobby for these things in my blog and use connections to pursue the legal routes. I am disgusted with the dreams of mine that are dashed as if it dont pay my bills, then my soul is weak and my heart grows cold of music.

The State of the Music Business or Racket

Since the 70's music has gone downhill in the business department. Once companies invested in the young ones and nurtured them to greatness, those that had real talent. Today and for years they drain them those that seem marketable and then spit them out and they never mature as artists. In the meantime since Napster in 2000 free file sharing has decimated artists and especially the new ones with free bootleg tunes. Concert prices were elevated to make up the difference and now they have reached their limits as the economy as a whole has sputtered world wide. That leaves no reason to really aspire to recording great music or hopes of making money. Spotify and others pay .1 cent to 1/2 cent per spin and radio pays little more. Great composers like John Williams are paid $500k for a whole movie score while a rock song of a supergroup gets $1M for one song in a major movie. It is time for artists to take back the business. What way is unknown but change has to come and from a Trump administration to lead the way. Its time music entrepreneurs be paid what they are worth and time for the leeches to be killed off. Al Dimeola has been thinking a lot the last year on this subject and has come up with a tip jar for sites where you pitch in dimes and quarters when a song hits you right. Most will say 99 cents is too much but they may tip like for parking, restaurants and other places and not miss a dime or two but artists will thrive on many dimes. Voice for a tip jar on your sites. That is a start and new taxation laws from Congress that make investing in producing music much more easy from a tax standpoint. Also the copyright laws need to be changed as what 97 years is not long enough given the free nature of music already. 125 years would be good for their families and grandchildren as much is already freely available that was addressed in the 1909 tenet of the public being able to benefit in the intellectual creations as is public domain of artists. Maybe public domain is obsolete now. Surely congress needs to address ways to motivate people like me and you to produce as it seems useless on any level. Liv e music at the grassroots must be addressed as the lifeblood of small artists. Restaurants etc should be compelled to pay a living wage and not suck the life of the good amateurs. This should take national legislation and licensing of all artists not unions. As funny as it may sound we need an artists EBT fund that pays rent, meals and even small investment loans for gear to keep the music in America at high standards and importance of art in the lives of the 300 million Americans. If congress allows all the free stuff then it should be subsidized by those taxpayers that take freely,, ALL.

Pyramid Details

The Pyramids were batteries. Explained: The ground under the pyramids all 65 were fed by the Nile thru a series of tunnels that went thru Dolomite limestone, plus the interior was almost all dolomite, As the Nile overflowed this movement created electrical currents, Dr Seimens 1880, the passage ways were granite and they became electrically charged and gave off -ions in abundance. The outter shell was a kind of limestone that did not conduct electricity so it acted like the plastic outter shell of wire and kept the charge inside to ionize the air in the granite passage ways. There were no writings in the pyramids at all and the sarcophagus that is in the King and Queens chamber were just beds to sleep at night to be anti aged so they live a long time and healthy, whether others got to do this is unknown. The holes and passageways up to the stars were for night light to come in that also electrically charged it 24/7. The underground passage ways outside from the NIle had holes cut in so the Sun could positively charge the waters making the battery stronger. It was a simple design and powerful. Today we have ionizers though not as strong but our technology could do the same for literally a few million dollars and no need for doctors but surgeons, bone specialists and healing ND drs still. It would be a time of great progress in the world. Check my words on google to find this works. It came to me after years of studying all this. It was not for the aliens etc, just an eternal youth machine for the God ruler men and women.


Working with John was a real treat. While we recorded he was rediscovering the drums and studying privately for 5 years with Tom Knight who was with TLC and many LA sessions. Tom played on Dave Weckles personal CD. John picked up so much in those 5 years. He is in Athens, GA. Hope we work together again, he has an amazing sense of groove! Let Us Play, Mary Anne, Soul Dance, Wall of Rock.

New Words for Cat Woman on the Prowl

I only had one vocal take so the words that are not clean were on the spot. Now it will be: She kick your tush, you got no cush!!! You ask for more, she say..... I just adore, thats the Cat Woman.........

New Book In a Few Days

"28 Things To Consider Before Picking Up Your Guitar" It covers nutrition to make your faster, smarter and healthier to play your best, but much more on how to relax to play faster and tips I learned from Stan Samole who taught Pat Metheny and Steve Morse.

New Center Piece in Studio

I put off recording since 2005 until I achieved the sonic excellence I sought. The Pro Tools HD with PCIE and Mac was not my quality but now the SSL Nucleus, Eventide Eclipse, Roland TD30K, Apogee Ensemble, Drawmer pre, and $7000 of good mics, VOX AC 30 and Marshall amps with A Deluxe Strat and Les Paul Traditional is the core of the new sounds to come. Eyes on an SSL Bus Compressor but we will see. Waves NSL too. I have Horizon.

Having carpel tunnel for two years and now hand cysts.

While moving to NYC was an ordeal worthy of a book, I dealt with carpel tunnel for two years after my classical guitar degree then in 11/14 my hand was disabled with cysts, but now I have a new Ramirez and getting my chops and such back. Classical builds technique quickly.

Eventide Eclipse and other things.

Getting the hang of the HD environment slowly and my hand is getting well, been searching for a guitar sound and I think the Eclipse will give me that.