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Anything Goes Fusion of all- CD11, CD12

Here will be a return to my first true love, Jazz Fusion, like Corea, Weather Report, Miles, Cobham styles and world musics and time periods. No holds bared Agressive passion hard and soft Gung Fu music, gracefully but powerful in 2015.

Jazz Standards CD 10

It will take a while to get my chops back in this area and have grown, but George Benson kinds of kool, Miles Bitches Brew styles, Charles Mingus from Moves CD, Billy Cobham score, and more maybe late 2014.

Bluesssssss! CD 8

CD 8 will be a return to the basics. I started listening to Freddie King, Albert King, BB King, Tiny Grimes, John Lee Hooker, The Allman Brothers, Foghat, and offshoots early one, Oh and Howling Wolf, Rev Gary Davis, Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, and more in the formative years. This CD will be about the blues. A lot I wrote in the mid 80's but will update.

What is CD About?

Roots! Strong jazz roots from UM and my fusion love will be in it. This CD will rock from Big Band Fusion to ballads. If you love pop you will love the finished product. These tastes are just the core scores for the musicians in the studio. Saves lots of time and money. 5 songs in a 5 hour session is about right so 10 hours for ten songs and easy mixes. Enjoy, MAR

CD I, It's All In The Wires-out on all major onlines

Guess its a series, many different songs on each Wires CD, CD one is Pop Rock focused, CD 2 is more guitar freak oriented, CD 3 is more Pop Rock mixed fusion/jazz. Thanks!