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The Elektric Warrior II / Blog

New Book In a Few Days

"28 Things To Consider Before Picking Up Your Guitar" It covers nutrition to make your faster, smarter and healthier to play your best, but much more on how to relax to play faster and tips I learned from Stan Samole who taught Pat Metheny and Steve Morse.

New Center Piece in Studio

I put off recording since 2005 until I achieved the sonic excellence I sought. The Pro Tools HD with PCIE and Mac was not my quality but now the SSL Nucleus, Eventide Eclipse, Roland TD30K, Apogee Ensemble, Drawmer pre, and $7000 of good mics, VOX AC 30 and Marshall amps with A Deluxe Strat and Les Paul Traditional is the core of the new sounds to come. Eyes on an SSL Bus Compressor but we will see. Waves NSL too. I have Horizon.

Having carpel tunnel for two years and now hand cysts.

While moving to NYC was an ordeal worthy of a book, I dealt with carpel tunnel for two years after my classical guitar degree then in 11/14 my hand was disabled with cysts, but now I have a new Ramirez and getting my chops and such back. Classical builds technique quickly.

Eventide Eclipse and other things.

Getting the hang of the HD environment slowly and my hand is getting well, been searching for a guitar sound and I think the Eclipse will give me that.

Profile-John Norris is the consumate drummer.

Having studied with Tom Knight a friend and colleague of Dave Weckle, John adds super energy to all and grace, his kick very unique and handles odd time with ease. MAR

Name Change to Alabaster Radio

My new group name is more in line with the feel of the overall music, but a dear friend of mine seems to like it better, so I defer to her.

The Grand Effects of 528, the Love Frequency-Your Heart

Midi instruments sound real I first noticed tuned to 528 which is A=444, up 4 cents. Your body is tuned with the natural sounds of nature at 528 and allof your Chakras are balanced. At 440 on the throat and above are affected creating chaos. 528 is the frequency of Love, your heart and all plant life. Dr Len Horowitz sounds hippie and new age at times but he's telling the truth. I first used sound recently when a person sent me tones to balance my Chakras, it greatly affected me, this led to what I am doing, Len and my new music incorporating Delta binaurals but not like youtube, you see if you have the bass at 444 in the left ear and 445 in the right panned, you get a 1 beat different or 1hz which is a delta state of mind you go in. You could use 444.5 for a deeper delta or use a beta or alpha or theta range in other parts of your songs. It heals.

My Kingdom For Your Love in 528hz tuning

Given the response to many songs I am releasing a new CD of the very most played songs. I have to thank you for your response from my Heart. All will be tuned to A=444 and you will enjoy them even more on a spiritual and subconcious way your mind and body understand. It is ancient science rediscovered since and before Aristotle. My original third CD can wait as much production is needed with the new engineer, Ghenadie of S.A.E., NYC.

Universal Frequencies Basis for My New Music-A First of Its Kind

The Sun emits 9 frequencies, as does the Universe, as the main frequency 528Hz is C in the A Dorian scale. SO We get vitamin C, odd huh. Well that C is only obtained if A =444, not 440. There is a Devils tone in 440 developed by the Nazi's and adopted by the Rockefellars in 1933. UK = A 442, The Do Re Mi scale compositions used by the ancient church was found to be healing per Dr Lee Horowitz. I have been listening to Youtube healing frequencies since October and had been wondering how to use them musically, and not in a single tone with some other tones in a drone. 10 days ago it dawned on me to use real instruments and the complex healing tones with binaural and isochronic beats blended in but in scales to be used with an underlying tone for say healing the ear, or hypothalmus or the 8 Chakras in such a way that it is musical in rock, jazz or even a whole nuther level 12 Tone music serialism. The field is wide open. Did you know that plant life has been found to resonate at 528hz and MIT is using computer music to kill cancers as cancer has its on music they found. Theirs cancels the frequency of cancer thus killing it. It can heal autism, even downs children already proven by over 10,000 women around the world recently, and a patient of mine has improved greatly with minimal listening. Look into it. All CD's can be tuned up 4 cents in Pro Tools no speed change and have the same effect....Healing in ways. Reverse the perverse Nazi tuning to the natural 444. Dr Horowitz says orchestras wind up closer to 444 in the strings after a symphony, the ear wants to hear it and singing sharp is natural in 440. Enjoy your adventures, Mike

My Kingdom For Your Love CD final production

Decided to have as many live musicians as I can. Met Megan who plays cello and her friends will play strings for me. Hopefully my Juilliard horn guys will have time now in their busy real careers. My vox chops are very good now and I just played a Fender Jaguar at Guitar Center and expect McLaughlin on steroids, it just poured out effortly after 40 months off. Nutrition helps and personal growth. Grammy Time is coming, I can feel it!