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Hey everyone! We've been on tour with our good friends in Barishi (formerly known as Atlatl) since last Saturday. Our last show is tomorrow in New Jersey at Dingbatz in Clifton. Come check us out, we've been riding a massive wave of good vibes this whole time and the energy is going to be fantastic.

Booking Us

We keep getting added to random shows without being notifed. While we appreciate the offers we can't keep being added to random shows without anyone telling us or asking us if we're available. It makes us look bad when we don't know we have a show and everyone expects us to be there. Please, for all booking inquiries e-mail us or comment/message us on our Facebook page.

themechanicquantum (at) gmail (dot) com soabovesobelow (at) gmail (dot) com http://facebook.com/versworld http://facebook.com/thequantummechanic http://reverbnation.com/thequantummechanic http://twitter.com/MechanicQuantum

All will suffice.