history sings the same song they'll shut your mouth up then shoot your face off dont speak out of turn during group thought just get fucked off it'll numb you right up as dumb as cavemen but wait then again cavemen were'nt slaves nor modified to behave behind a blind cage before the days of wage many matrices in a maze calculated the rat race stopwatch smashed the batteries the gaze fixing upon your daze surveillance by the state of cynical disdain brain cloudy, body hazed a waste of fate feinding for a taste of formulated escape the sky is scraped by a conrete face sprayin into space smoke stacks stained with human waste gotta get outta this place tomorrows another day to live and die and lie awake

dedicated to activists in wake of occupy wall street

REVOLUTION IS NOW! NOW IS REVOLUTION THE CRITICAL MASS IS AWAKENING! the movement of the masses into ending global tyranny has begun!!!!!!! no fear, only LOVE. the days of debt are over if we act NOW! (and tell em where to go) how distractions were prisons. BUT PRISONERS ARE NOW GODS! RAISE UP. its not the same old stuff. as the sixties. POLITICS ARE DEAD! spirits WANT SOVEREIGNTY instead! THERE IS NO AMERICA AND THERE NEVER WAS. wars were gimmicks perpetuated by the richest percentages to make debt and enslave men. politician businessman went to bed with HOES FROM DIFFERENT AREA CODES(i.e. GLOBAL EXPANSION) THIS ECONOMY IS FAKE(everywhere). lend and take spend and gain interest.INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, LEGAL TENDER IS PAPER. THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE SKYSCRAPERS. made it up. MAKING THE CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION THE RICHEST NATION. afrika has the RICHEST RESOURCES, BUT THE BANKERS ARE TAKING THEM. making profit out of paper. thin air like alchemy. THE ENEMY IS KNOW ITS NOT BUSH. ITS NOT OBAMA. ITS NOT GHADAFFI. IT NEVER WAS(it was us) IT WAS A WHOLE CONGLOMERATE OF THUGS OWNING A DOMINANT PROPORTION OF THE LABORS OF WORKERS. PURE PROFIT! prophet TODAY IT STOPS! an anonymous movement without a solutio. FIRST we want FREEDOM. WE NEED DREEDOM. WE ARE FREEDOM! THIS IS DEAD PRESIDENTS. THIS IS MONEY TO BURN patriotism for the world its almost 2012 and we have a choice ACTION WHICH MEANS KARMA or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THE MOVEMENT HAS STARTED WHAT SIDE OF HISTORY YOU PART OF