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Who is Jazz?

WHO IS JAZZ? © 2009 Ava DuPree - Eclectic Cowgirl Productions

Do you know jazz? Many claim to be a friend, then argue over something as simple as the gender

A fast paced tapping by the drummer keeping time A trumpet wailing mournfully of a love lost - or – Pos si bly blo wing out joytones in threes

The bass can go a walking all up and down the strings Only to pluck you into a world of funky fun and revelry Then bow Yeah

So you know Jazz? Then you’re aware of the function of the blacks and whites

Taking you to a place of dreams beyond compare I know. I been there and wanna go back Cuz the pianny is for many, at the forefront of making the music swell

And then there’s always someone asking for more cowbell

Humph! You think jazz is your buddy? When was the last time you tried sax?

Did-you-hear-it-with-a syncopated ear? Or were you afraid___ of having all that power so near?

Now enter the singer with a word to the melody so sweet. Saying the things, you’d only thought in dreams, but could never speak

It’s sweet and hot, it’s cold and fast or slow. It’s old. It’s new. It’s borrowed and sometimes it’s blue

Does it swing? Then it’s jazz.