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Hidden Mountain Sanctuary

I have really enjoyed discovering Hidden Mountain. We have collaborated and given some of her poetry the Scarlet Red treatment. I'm looking forward to further collaborations. please visit the Hidden Mountain Sanctuary by clicking on the link above to discover more poetry, art and philosophy. Love, joy and peace to you.

Psychedelic Gospetron, First Epistle now available on CD

Over a year in the making the first Psychedelic Gospetron album is now available in my reverbnation store. All proceeds to World Vision. It has a completely rewritten Chapter 1, remastered tracks and bonus prologue and epilogue tracks, plus new full colour artwork. I am still working on the next EP in the Gospetron series (The Remembering) featuring Corrie Ten Boom, and I am hoping it will be ready for release in the next couple of months.

Paychedelic Gospetron, 2nd EPistle, The Remembering

I'm currently working on a follow up EP in the Psychedelic Gospetron series. The Psychedelic Gsopetron album will be released later in the year after a complete re-write of Part 1. I'm just not happy with it any more and as i am planning to perform the whole thing live I want that onpening track to be right. The second EPistle is another marathon at around 30 minutes long. It is based on the recollections of one of my favourite people; Corrie Ten Boom. There are contributions from 3 guitarists, a pianist and a bamboo flautist! I am also currently collaborating with the brilliant Nita Hope for the closing portion of the track. Check out her stuff at www.reverbnation.com/nitahope

Words That Trance

Flippin eck.... The simple remixing of my first track into a dance tune is not going quite as smoothly as i expected. It is pushing my poor old Pentium IV way beyond its limits and is causing me some major headaches. I am very pleased with the way it's shaping up but i'm having to work around my hardware limitations. This means that unfortunately i'm not gonna get it finished this weekend. For all you christian psy trance fans out there (all 3 of you) I'm afraid you'll have to wait another week or so.... I'll keep you posted. God bless n all that...........