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on the road with chode

so we are here in Des Moines on the third date of the tour and so far so good. before we hit the road there was a sputter in the fuel system of our van "dipes" i took it to our egyptian mechanic in brooklyn and in his attempt to fix the problem (which he did not fix) he spilled about a quart of gas all over the carpet and Aarons seat so needless to say we have been huffing gas for three days. We have been in a state of confusion fron the fumes. we will either get a tumor or become superhuman. the rock will go on. see you soon. full of semen and rock.

flog my blog

i cant stand blogging but i am willing to try it. so we are getting ready to release our latest CD "Prime Motivator" On November 15th at Mercury Lounge NYC. We are very excited to finally get this record in the hands of the fans. It is being released on Crustacean Records. And we will be hitting the road here and there so we hope to see you in the back of our van naked and willing.