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Happy 2016!

We at Narrow House wish all of our fans a great new year! So here are some good news for those of you who considered buying our stuff but haven’t yet for some reason.

We have reconsidered prices for our merch and made them lower. If this won’t make you feel good, than we don’t know what else will:

- the new price for «Thanathonaut» limited digipack is 13$ (it was 15$ and yes we still have some of them around). If you order one we can offer a special deal and add «A Key to Panngrieb» CD to it just for 5$ - «Thanathonaut» CDs are now 8$ per copy (it was 10$) - both one-sided and two-sided T-shirts now cost considerably less as well: 15$ for one-sided ones (old price was 17,99$) and 25$ for two-sided versions (old price — 29,99$)

Both digipacks and shirts are available from band only, CDs have the same prices as Solitude Prod. offers except you won’t get «A Key to Panngrieb» for 5$ there (it’s 8$).

We thank each and everyone who already supported the band (we hope you enjoy your stuff), and encourage everyone else who is fond of our music to do the same as we plan to enter the studio again this year and additional funds wouldn’t hurt.

Withered Hands Podcast on UDD 2015

It’s been slightly more than a year since "Thanathonaut" was out, and we would like to show you some new material we were working on lately.

With the help of Silencer from Whispering Shadows (UK) who was a part of our latest show in Kyiv, we are giving you the special edition of Whispered Hands Podcast featuring some of our raw rehearsal recordings.

You can find more details on the show over here: https://witheredhandspodcast.wordpress.com/2015/05/19/the-hand-of-glory-episode-08-2015/

Ukrainian Doom and Depression 2015

So, the gig was all good with Silencer from Whispering Shadows (UK) joining us as guest guitarist. As I've mentioned before this was the first live show for Narrow House since 2012, and sadly the first one with me as the only person left from original line-up. We performed without live keyboards which were always the responsibility of Ekaterina Romanova, who were not able to be part of the band this time. However this was also the first time we had a bass player on the stage (Vyacheslav Lemberskyi) , with whom we've been rehearsing since the end of last year. Basically him joining the band made this all work in the first place. Here goes a fan-made video from the venue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLhPOkxyBYk

Interview for Femetalism

We’ve got our first interview this year published by enthusiastic UK based project Femetalism that already did a great job with reviewing our releases previously: "Calling themselves Apocalyptic Doom and experimenting with countless influences, Narrow House have a unique sound which has grown and developed through the years and looks set to continue doing so. Their most recent album, Thanathonaut was featured back in August 2014 on the site and we recently had a chance to speak Yegor Ostapenko from the band to talk about the album, their live music experience, what is coming up and much more". Check the full version over here: http://www.femetalism.co.uk/2015/03/interview-narrow-house.html#more

«Thanathonaut» reviews, part VII

It’s been almost a year since our second full length was out but we still get reviews from time to time. Which is good! "Narrow House incorporates sax, bass and cello, creating a process of osmosis between classical and electric instruments; a masterful mix of symphonic doom, experimentation, guitars crushing, sinister atmosphere, epic sax which made us think of a great Italian saxophonist Fausto Papetti. Tell us who won’t be engaged with the ideas contained in "The Last Retreat", "Furious Thoughts Of Tranquility", "Thanathonaut" and stay indifferent to their melodramatic intensity?" — Hardsounds (http://www.hardsounds.it/recensiones/10873) "It is rare in the doom to come face to an energy such that it apart in the older groups such as Candlemass." — Pavillon 666 (http://www.pavillon666.fr/webzine/chroniques/chroniques-albums-cd/chroniques-albums-cd-detail.php?groupe=9397) "When I listen to the next release of the Ukrainian band I see it as a logical continuation of the first album in a way, and as a bold step forward at the same time […] I want to hail their avant-garde style." — Mroczna Strefa (http://www.pavillon666.fr/webzine/chroniques/chroniques-albums-cd/chroniques-albums-cd-detail.php?groupe=9397)

Narrow House Live Show

Seems like our first live show since 2012. More details to follow. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CAyjBh6WwAAClPt.jpg

Narrow House on Metal Storm Awards 2014

Narrow House are nominated for Metal Storm Awards 2014 in "Doom metal" category. We will be very grateful for your votes! Check the full list over here: http://metalstorm.net/awards/categories.php?cat_id=6

«Thanathonaut» is one of the Doom Metal Front’s Top 100 Albums 2014

Thanathonaut was recognized as one of the best 100 albums of 2014 according to German Doom Metal Front magazine. Thanks DMF! http://doommetalfront.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/times-of-splendour-grief-doom-metal.html

Happy 2015!

Narrow House wishes all of you only the best in 2015. Let us all remember why 2014 was so remarkable with European Metal Channel who made this nice video for NH. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQTMbnlRNfg

Narrow House badges

Good news! Other than patches and shirts now we also offer three variations of Narrow House badges. Just like with patches ordering both shirt and album (CD or digipack) will give you an opportunity to get a free badge! Details can be found here: http://narrowhouse.net/narrow-house-badges